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1.I  have Asperger Syndrome. It’s the high functioning version of Autisim. It’s what makes me the incredible, unique and amazing bundle of ginger fun you see before you


2.I have a heightened sense of smell. I know people by their own particular scent. I can smell what fabric conditioner people use and can remember this. It can be useful as I can smell fear and danger. So, watch out!


3.I really enjoy being creative. I like to take a picture and transform it into a completely unique work of art. I like to embroider scenes from the countryside. I love making something beautiful out of nothing but my imagination.


4.My son has classic Autism, and he is my world. I am so incredibly proud of the things he has achieved. Life is very difficult for a child with Autism, but he is mine and I adore him.


5.I hate spiders. I will consider burning a building down before even thinking of catching a spider. I’m also afraid of balloons. They are too unpredictable bobbing about and waiting to explode at unexpected times!


6.I have been known to read a book cover to cover, in a day. I love a good book, I sit down when I have no distractions and love to read. I’m a big Wuthering Heights fan, it’s the moors and Tom Hardy, what more could a girl want?!


7.I have a cushion fetish. I like them when they are all puffed up to perfection and looking all symmetrical. These cushions are not for sitting on. No way, they are for display purposes only.



Vicky Vixen isn't your ordinary author. More an investigative journalist with the acid-tongue and wit of Dorothy Parker mixed with the humor & warmth of Victoria Wood.

Vicky has a rapier-like wit and loves to write; everything from children's fiction to comedy and just about anything in between.

Whatever her subject matter she is always passionate about her writing and likes to write from the heart.


She signed for KGHH Publishing in June 2018 and we are sure she will go far.


KG: What or who inspired you to be a writer?


VV: I have always known that I have the ability to write from a young age. I loved writing silly stories when I was much younger. Mostly based around my Dad, they were always full of humour and had my family in bits.

I think I have never really found the right avenue for my type of writing till now.


KG: What gave you the idea for this book, “You Know You’ve Been Spammed”?


VV: Twitter is a place for people from all walks of life, to express themselves within the confines of 280 characters.

It is also a place for scam artists to flourish, picking on the vulnerable.

So I decided I wasn’t having that, and scammed them right back without a monetary result.

I was approached by Graeme Parker of KGHH Publishing, about the idea of co-writing a book, based on scamming the scammer so to speak.


KG: Who is your favourite writer and why?


VV: Victoria Holt without a doubt. Her books were all written in the 1960s. They are mostly based around impoverished but independent women who are trying to find their way in a world made for men.

They are set in the rugged wilds of a Cornish backdrop, with dark foreboding mansions facing out to the angry sea, at the time of shipwrecks and smugglers.


KG: What is your favourite book?


VV: My ultimate favourite book is Bitten by Kelley Armstrong.

It’s about a woman who is bitten by a werewolf, and at night she turns into one and runs with the pack. I love the way the entire book holds my attention, it’s dark. It’s sexy and I love it.


KG: Do you read a lot, and what are you reading now?


VV: I do love to read. I love to be all consumed by a story, so much so that I can imagine myself as the heroine, standing in her shoes and experiencing her life. When an Author can do that, it’s something to aspire to.

At the moment I have been reading a book about Van Gogh and his life. His depression and psychotic episodes, a very challenging existence.


KG:  What writing projects are you working on?  


VV: Watch this space!


KG: What do you like most about writing?


VV: The words on paper come from my mind. I like the thought that somebody else could be reading what I have written, that they will somehow find my words amusing, or be inspired to take action, because of that.


KG: Where do you see yourself in five-years-time regarding your writing?


VV: Oh, maybe in the South of France in a Villa, sipping cocktails made for me, by my very handsome topless Butler.

No, I love it as an experience and wherever it takes me, well I will just go along for the ride.


KG: What one writing tip would you share?  


VV: As soon as an idea or eureka moment comes into your head, write it down.

I can’t remember where I leave my shoes, so you can absolutely guarantee I won’t remember a fabulous idea that pops into my head. Have a note book handy for writing down little snippets, you may not use them but you never know.


VV: KG: What would you say to educate and inspire young writers?


Keep going!

If it’s what you want, keep going!

Never give up!



© KGHH Publishing 2018

Have you ever been "SPAMMED?" Be it on the phone, on social media, or in a letter?

This book by Vicky Vixen tells you in a frank, funny, but educational how to spot the spammers and the best way to deal with them.


Vicky Vixen tells it how it is, so if you are easily offended do not buy this book.


If you like straight talking, blunt, funny as fuck advice you MUST buy this book & copies for all your friends!


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Kensington Gore's Hammered Horror isn't just about out-and-out horror.


"I-Spy" by Vicky Vixen is even a departure for us, it's investigative writing into the modern ills of society and the ever-growing pitfalls in modern life.


Let's face it modern life is indeed rubbish, and Vicky Vixen is here to point out the modern minefields, confront the scammers, laugh at bureaucracy, and tweak the nose of political correctness.