KG: You are a bit of a champion fighting the spammers on social media; how and when did you pick up the spam gauntlet so to speak?


VV: I actually saw another follower putting messages up, making the funnies and putting them up for all to see. I spoke to her about it. I could see this was a fantastic way of bringing the scammers to heel.

I also know of people who have been in contact with a scam and I felt strongly little was being done to stop them. At the very least people should be aware of who and what a scammer looks like, and how they can be stopped. So, I started to put up the direct messages and changed my pinned header tweet. So, everyone that followed me could see the rules. You see the scammers never read the pinned tweet, I know this because they slide straight into direct messages and then the fun begins.


KG: Some people, I’ll not mention any names to protect the so-called innocent, think why you don’t just block them and ignore them. Why do you feel so passionately about ridiculing and pursuing them?


VV: I think those types of people have a point! Not a good point. They just want to enjoy social media without any hassle or stress.

I say the same to all of them. If it was your relative, your Mum or Daughter and they were scammed on social media would you have had the same reaction?

Would you have been able to say, oh that’s a scam? No! Because you see blocking doesn’t get rid of them. They become somebody else’s problem, but they are still there!

I think differently. What I do raises awareness. People see the conversations because they attract attention and have a humorous side. There fore more questions as to why I’m doing it, then more people are aware and can report and block and people can then recognise a scam before it hits them.


KG: Social media for an attractive young lady, I hope you don’t mind me saying that, must be very tough and at times very hard, do you get a lot of unsolicited; how do I put this in a nice way, phallic images say? And how do you handle them?


VV: Ooh no touching! As a strong individual I treat these people in the same way that I treat the scammers. If I receive a picture of an unwanted explicit nature in my inbox, I screenshot it, and that person’s account details with the corresponding image and I destroy them in a direct message before putting it up on my public page. Then report and block. If you treat these individuals with disdain, they soon disappear.

Yes, unfortunately it does happen quite a lot and I feel that the support systems in place need updating or at the least tweaking. They should really be listening more to regular people who tend to get these messages.

I am going to set up a petition shortly, that I will take to Twitter asking for a system that filters these unsolicited types of accounts before they start to hit the inbox.


KG: I am a strong believer in the woman’s movement, I hate it when they just lie there. Seriously, I think women in general have had a rough deal particularly in my industry of horror films, are you a feminist? And if so what are your beliefs on modern feminism?


VV: I am not a feminist! Not at all! I’m a Me-ist!

I am a strong honest person. I believe in myself. If anything, I go by what I feel is right for me.

I believe that nobody should be treated with disrespect. I believe that men are the stronger sex. I like to feel protected, loved and nurtured even. But that doesn’t make me weak. Each person brings different shall we say attributes to a relationship and one isn’t better than the other. It’s a partnership based on respect and love and of course hanky-panky.


KG: My wife Marge was a big woman, God she was a big, big woman. More than a handful if you know what I mean? When she burnt her bra, along with Jermaine Greer, way back in the 60’s we had a call out the fire brigade. In fact, it took two fire appliances just put the fire out. Silly woman didn’t realise you’re supposed to take your bra off in the first place!

Have you burnt your bra?


VV: No. Although I have singed my hair and burnt down a noticeboard, when a friend and I from my school days accidentally made a flame thrower from a Bunsen burner. We were never allowed to partake in school science experiments ever again.


KG: I’d like to make a serious note, A# no wait you have Aspergers, for those that aren’t in the know what exactly is that and how does that affect your day-to-day life?


VV: I have Aspergers. It is high functioning Autism. Being Aspie makes life a challenge. I’m unique and wired up differently to the average Joe. People with Autism see things differently and have to learn to adapt to their surroundings. There are three areas where this shows predominantly.

They are:


a.Social interaction


c.Sensory and processing information


I just deal with things differently. An example of this is I’m highly organised and I can not function at all in a mess. I just shut down, it’s difficult to adapt to the way other people are. When I’m interested in something a new hobby or a topic, I go at it diligently till I exhaust myself with my new-found knowledge. Also, I don’t understand people that lie. Why do that? I have had to learn though that there are good lies, called white lies and I can use these to save another person’s feelings. I have a blog that describes what it is like to live with Autism on a daily basis. The link to this is below and on my Twitter page.


KG: Like me, family is very important to you, you have a lovely young son. Do you worry, like I do, that kids today are under great pressure and will be bombarded by spam and things on social media? How would you advise a parent, or indeed a young person, to go about their life on social media?


VV: As a parent I am responsible for my child. I am responsible for what he sees and with regards to social media he is still too young to access these apps. But he does like to watch YouTube. I tend to limit when and amount of time he has on the computer and I make use of the parental locks. I see it as my job to educate my son on the downfalls of social media. But as he is still quite young I very much hold the reins so to speak when it comes to what he sees online.


KG: I feel this book ‘You’ve Been Spammed’ is doing a great service, and making people aware, but it is also very funny and entertaining. Have you found getting the right mix to be difficult in the writing of your book?


VV: Yes indeed!

I think this book has a very serious message to give. But in a frank and funny way. I have found myself drawn to people, since writing this book. I have an empathy for what some have been through at the hands of thoughtless scammers. I hate to see people taken for fools, so trying to get that balance right and not get drawn into the shock side of it has been a challenge.


KG: Looking into my crystal balls what do you see coming out in the future?


VV: I really don’t know. I came into this to raise awareness about scams on social media. It’s been an absolute joy to be given such a great opportunity to be able to write about my passion, of getting rid of scammers. I think the joy for me is now. I don’t know what the future brings, and I like to live in the here and now.


KG: Who are your favourite writers and how have they inspired your writing?


VV: With this particular book I have to say a writer hasn’t inspired me. What has inspired me, is reading stories of people real people with real lives. Friends on social media! The highs and lows of other people’s lives. My friends! I have made some very close friends on Twitter in particular. Some lovely funny individuals who I love to chat with. And who have encouraged me to write. They have been my inspiration.


KG: What advice would you give to people who are being troubled by spam and fake accounts and bullying?


VV: Never ignore it! They don’t go away on their own.

I don’t mean argue or even respond if you feel out of your depth. I mean report them to the support system that is in place to protect you. Then of course block them!


KG: Final question what is your favourite lunchmeat? I myself am quite partial to a bit of spam but I must admit I prefer a lovely corned beef sandwich with lots of ketchup on it dripping out of the bread but that’s just me!


VV: Firstly, can I say that is vile! My ultimate favourite sandwich meat would have to be bacon, lightly grilled a fine spread of lurpak and of course a nice layer of branstons pickle. Then mash it together and wash it all down with a big mug of Yorkshire tea, brewed to within an inch of its life. Yummy!


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