At the age of eighteen, the future seems set in stone for Christy and her high school sweetheart until their lives are thrown off course by his best friend’s older sister.


Ricky finds himself the target of Brittany’s infatuation as she turns his life upside down by thrusting him into a game with many players all with whom have different motives. Games are played. Accidents happen or do they?


This collection of thrilling erotic novellas by S.L. Walker is a must read.


THE ACCIDENTAL KILLER BY S.L. WALKER & Published by Kensington Gore Publishing is aviliable here:





Warmth flows across my face.  For as long as I could remember, the spring months in Texas always brought an insane amount of storms.  April was always one of the worst times, almost every other day there would be a tornado warning or flooding in some poor neighborhood around here.  Of course the day I wish for a quiet rainy day at home, the sunshine would be blinding me as soon as I wake up.


Sitting up, the room is extremely brighter than normal and the pink walls look almost fluorescent.  Brushing my hands through my newly bleached blonde curls, I realize there is no way out of biking with Rick.  He said the first nice Saturday we would be taking our bikes out for a test run and it’s been a month in the making.


Last time I rode a bicycle I was ten years old, and my knees almost always turned up skinned and bleeding.  During spring time that year I opted to wear jeans instead of my usual dresses because Chuck made fun of my red knees.  My legs would be unblemished if I never was given a bicycle for my birthday that year, now they have scars to remind me just of how much I sucked at the most elementary of things.  My knees hurt just thinking of it all.


Last month we went to a bicycle shop down the road from Rick’s home because he wanted to pick biking up as a hobby.  To me a hobby was something like model cars, drawing, reading, not going biking.  I had a feeling that his sudden interest in biking was caused by his best friend, Chuck, who called him “chicken legs” during an entire excruciating half hour in gym class.  Yes, the same Chuck who made fun of my legs was now a teenager making fun of my boyfriend’s legs – go figure.


Once we got into the bike shop he was like a kid in the candy store, I think he test rode six bikes before he decided on the one that as he put it was “the top performer” and I was so bored but entertained his every whim.  Every other word out of my mouth was “that’s great” and “oh yeah” but inside I was screaming “hurry the hell up!” I wanted to get back to his apartment while his mother was still at work.

We hardly get any alone time and this was just another instance of me losing that time to some dumb idea of his.  Suddenly I realized that this new hobby might just screw me out of quality time with him.  It’s silly really because we’d be together all the time once we started living together, but in the mean time I was starved for his time and affection.  

Before I knew it I had thrown the idea out there, “I want a bike too!!  We could bike together!”  Now here I am, waking up to a childhood nightmare of skinned knees and awkwardness.  

The clock reads eleven forty, and any second he’d be knocking at my front door.  Jumping out of bed, I run to my mirror… the natural look has never come authentically to me.  In fact I look sickly without throwing on some kind of make-up.  It’s saddening to realize I am doomed to always be the first to wake up so that I don’t scare anyone.

Slapping the clock radio on the bathroom counter, an old Tammy Wynette song is playing.  I grab my hairbrush and sing along to ‘Stand by Your Man’ in front of the mirror.  Laughing is in ear range, stopping I look to my side to see my brother slapping his legs laughing hysterically. I growl running at him as he darts out the door.  

Stopping at my door, I walk down the stairs to see Danny on the sofa with his video game controller.  I sit next to him and nudge him, “What did you want butt head?”

“Just wondering what you were doing up so early, usually you sleep like… forever!”  He says this without glancing away from his game.

“I’m supposed to ride my bicycle today with Rick.  I think we’re going to be doing the bike trails.”  I answer then say, “Ya’ know you could look at me when I’m talking to you.  When you’re in a conversation, that’s the norm.”

He snaps a look at me and drops his jaw, “Really?”  I can’t help but laugh at my jokester brother; he smiles back and asks, “You’re going to ride that ugly pink bike in the garage with the training wheels?”

“I forgot that was still in there, ha!”  I pause in amazement that this new bike looks fairly identical to that one, “No, I bought a new one a month or so ago.”

“But you don’t know how to ride, are you going to transfer the training wheels?”  He sets his controller down, “I don’t think you should go.”

“I’ll be fine, kiddo.” I say standing up, backing out of the room.

“Stay home and play video games with me instead, you never spend time with me anymore.  You won’t end up with skinned knees or broken bones here with me.”  Danny says giving me the saddest set of brown puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen.

“I promise to play with you when I come home,” I say holding my pinky out for a pinky promise.

Slowly he gets up and takes a few steps in my direction and curls his pinky around mine shaking it.  I hug him and then dart up the stairs to prepare myself for visual intake.




Waiting for someone to answer the door, I kicked at the ugly gnome in the side garden.  Why do people put these ugly things in their garden anyway?  

The door creaks open and Brittany peaks out from behind it.  Tilting my head I bite my lower lip and raise my right eyebrow.  She laughs her fairy laugh that I’ve grown to love.  

Once upon a time her laugh annoyed the hell out of me, but that was when I was younger and she was just the mean older sister of my best friend.  Even though she was mean I’ve always had a crush on her.    

“So where’s that douche bag you call a brother?” I ask pushing the door open.

Brittany steps out from behind the door.  She’s so damn hot.  She’s standing there in red bikini underwear with diamond like rhinestones spelling out devil in the center, her white cut off shirt shows off her flat stomach and belly button piercing.  Her arm is stretched out holding the door, the other rummaging through her short blonde hair.  

She looks at me giving me a Billy Idol upper lip sneer, “I wasn’t dressed to answer the door, Ricky.” then adds in her endearing squeaky voice, “Come in.”

She turns around, her panties barely covering her perfect ass.  It seems like all the girls my age are doomed with cellulite, it’s disgusting, but she has none.  She turns around looking at me and yanks her panties up giving herself a wedgie.  Instantly I have an erection, and try to cover it with my hand.

“Chuck spent the night at his girlfriends…  Parents are out for the day…  So what did you need, it’s not Wednesday?” she asks turning around so quickly I didn’t have time to notice and our bodies are millimeters apart, her head peaks at my nose and  I smell her flowery shampoo.

“My bikes are in your garage, I needed to pick them up.” I say trying to think of anything to get him to go down.  

“Bikes…  Yeah two bikes in the garage…  Who’s the other bike belong to?” she says standing on her tippy toes, tapping her index finger on my lip.

“My girlfriend,” I whisper, and she removes her finger and wraps her tiny arms around my neck pressing her body against mine.  I stand there with my arms to my sides, what is going on?

“Oh yeah I knew that,” she says as she kisses my neck.  It feels like a feather against my skin.

“Chuck’s my best friend, I got a girlfriend.”  They were excuses but they were also the truth.

“What does that have to do with me?” she says as she slides her hand under my biking shorts, under my underwear and puts her hand around the erection she’s caused.

Letting out a huge breath I mutter, “Naw….  Can’t do this…” and I release another huge breath as she pulls my shorts and underwear down in one fell swoop.

“I think your body doesn’t agree with you.” she says as she kneels down ripping her shirt off.  Her breasts aren’t big but they are a perfect handful, her baby pink nipples are hard and seemingly pointed up at me.

Taking my erection in her hand she squeezes him tighter than before and starts kissing him like she would kiss my mouth, her tongue flickers across the tip.  My body shakes as she takes me in her mouth.  She starts the in and out motion with her warm mouth, tenderly sucking.  I’d never had a blow job like this, it was amazing.

She shoves herself forward hard and I feel the back of her throat, I hear her gag a bit as she pulls back and feel the urge to cum.  Holding her head I begin to control her every movement.  Her tongue rolls around me then she grabs my balls, cuddling them tightly in her hands.  

My whole body numbs as I cum hard into her mouth, never letting go of her head I pull her down further until I reach the back of her throat again pouring my cum down the back of her throat.

Releasing me from her mouth I scramble to the sofa and sit down, my shorts still around my ankles as I try to focus on my breathing.  I feel like I’ve been working out in the gym, like I could fall asleep but I keep my eyes on Brittany.  She wipes at her mouth as she stands up then walks towards me.

Sitting down next to me, “You tasted sour Ricky, what have you been eating?”

“Oh my god Britt, we shouldn’t be doing this.  I shouldn’t have done this.”  I say yanking my shorts and underwear up in a scramble then place my face in my hands.

“You’re such a worry wart.  Look it’s not like you’re married, you just have some high school girlfriend…  I mean please!” she says playfully as she bounces next to me, still topless.

“She’d have a fit if she found this out. I mean she’s head over heels in love with me.”  I immediately felt bad for saying it as if I weren’t in love with her, because I do love her.

“So what!  She loves you, every girl falls in love with her high school sweetheart…” she mutters standing up her breasts bouncing more.  Walking to her shirt she turns around and watches me admiring her, then bends over grabbing it laughing her fairy laugh again. “Once you graduate, it’ll be time to move on…“ she says pulling her shirt over her head.

“Yeah well, not really – Christy wants to get an apartment together after we graduate.”  

She stands in front of me assessing me and sits on my lap, sideways as if I were her Santa Clause.  Her eyes keep squinting at me, “People who marry their high school sweethearts’ end up unhappy and divorced Ricky.”

I always loved how she called me Ricky rather than Rick.  It sent chills up my spine every time I heard my name roll of her tongue.  She started playing with my hair looking sadly at me.

“I mean answer me this – were you the first for her?” she asks with a wide grin, her perfect pink lips beautiful.  I nod yes, wondering where this was going.

“So she is kind of boring in bed.  Boring because she doesn’t know shit, she doesn’t have experience and I’m guessing your experience is limited to high school virgins so both of you don’t know shit.  So right now you both are satisfied because you’re just learning but at some point it’s going to get old.  You’ll both want more and then you’ll resent one another and you are UNHAPPY… then divorced.”  She kisses my cheek as if it were a consolation.

“I see your point, but whatever.  I still have a girlfriend who is supposed to go biking with me and so I need to get going Britt.”  My hands start to shove her off my lap and she gets the picture and gets up.

“Fine.  The garage is unlocked get your bicycles and go ride with your little girlfriend.  See you movie night then,” she hollers as she walks out of the living room towards the back of the house, leaving me standing in the living room.

“Fuck…” I whisper to myself, realizing after all of this that I can’t carry on with Christie, I have to make her forget this whole living together thing.  Movie night probably shouldn’t happen anymore either, “Fuck.”