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S.L. Walker is a thirty four year old writer of great talents. She is a native of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


Most of her writing is steeped in Erotica, as she believes it is about mutuality and a common bond between all adult readers.  


Most reviews of her work include the hint of the macabre and the shocking illusion of realism that hinders the mind from accepting it as a fictional piece of work.


In 2012, her love of writing came as a therapy for her concussion suffered in a biking accident.  It was then that she independently published her first novella “Becoming Brittany” as a part of a series entitled “The Accidental Killer Series”.  


Two years later she had finished the series in publication, as well as began a new Science Fiction Dystopian Romance titled “The Warmth, Part I.” She also wrote the omitted chapters, only available in published format, of “Ma Nouvelle Vie: Wrecked” for Fray’d Tag Publishing in their collaborative fiction effort.


Her quality work was recognised in 2015 by Kensington Gore Publishing and she was happy to sign a book deal. The republishing of her "Accidental  Killers Collection" will be the first of many books she gets published we are sure.


Her personal life is one of coincidental fates and joy.  She is a mother to two, and works in the sales/service industry as she is a people oriented individual.  She has also championed causes close to her heart such as Concussion Awareness and Intactivism.


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1. I watched my first horror movie at the age of four, Poltergeist. While everyone thought I was sleeping on the sofa at my Aunt’s house she put on the movie to show my parents and other family. The movie scared me so badly and my Mother was horrified to realize I had been awake the whole time. Needless to say it affected me as a child – any scary dolls were thrown into my closet, barred the closet door and shoved boxes under my bed to block any access to the underneath.Time heals so much as now it is one of my favorite all time horror movies and I’m no longer afraid of the closet, but do admit I prefer a platform bed so there is no “underneath of my bed”.


2.Growing up I always had a love for reading and writing. I would often write stories that included friends and family. As a teenager I wanted to make movies and my major in high school was Media Technology. In 1999 I was awarded a full scholarship to The Art Institute of New York but due to family issues decided to put my education on hold thinking I had all the time in the world to pursue my dream. That's why I advocate for furthering one’s education immediately upon graduation rather than procrastinating because all the time you thought you had could one day be gone in a flash.


3.In 2012, I was struck by an SUV while bicycling home with dinner, I was thrown into oncoming traffic at a 4 lane intersection. Luckily the light was red and I was able to get up before it turned green, although I suffered a severe concussion from it. I was diagnosed with post concussive syndrome and in that time found that reading gave me focus and helped with different vision issues I was having. I then decided that I would try my hand at writing and finished a rough draft titled “Kyndle” that would soon turn into “The Accidental Killer Series.”  


4.When I was 12 years old my friend snuck a Quija board into my home as my Mother did

not approve of it and once we began we jokingly blamed the movement on one another.  We agreed to lift it our hands at the count of three and did so, it was still moving and so we screamed. My mother came running in and the board flew off of our knees and I had a gash on my knee. A few weeks later I witnessed a “Smoke Man” go through my mother’s bedroom door while I was in there on the phone. I vividly remember he was wearing a fedora and the cuff links as those were features I focused in on. After that different paranormal activity plagued our home and we even have different photographs that are truly terrifying. Still to this day I am visited by paranormal activity and am a strong believer in ghosts.


5.I have two wonderful children and for fun we like to transform ourselves into zombies with make-up , clowns too even. We get into character and have so much fun doing it.  Halloween isn’t the only day you should dress up. My daughter loves doing this so much we have trained together to become mimes as one day she wants to perform in the streets of Paris as a mime.


6.My Grandfather was a very talented man, a retired veteran of the United States Air Force he pursued his hobbies as a songwriter (having written a recorded song for Ray Hilderbrand “Paul” of Peter, Paul, & Mary entitled “Where?”) and was an author under the name of Thaddeus Twigg. He and my Grandmother also did an NCO Monthly Magazine called “Stripe”, he was a paste-up artist for Montgomery Wards designing adds for sales papers, and he and my Grandmother would do stage performances of his music at the NCO club at Carswell Air Force Base. Talent must run in the family.


7.I make and design jewelry as a hobby and I am a certified teacher for a national craft store.

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