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Now you may choose a colour and it’s yours for the entire game, you may not change it because you don’t like your task. You must wear something of that colour each day, a tie, a hair bobble, underwear, socks. Something on your person must be the colour you have chosen so those watching know which tasks you’ll be completing.


The viewers can tune in at any time to catch up. They can re-watch things that have happened and place bets on whether you’ll complete your task.


The colours represent the gift you will receive at the end of the game should you be successful, which I’m sure you will be.


The colours you must choose from are as follows: -













Choose using your instinct, which colour jumps out at you and shouts choose me? It’s a good way to choose. However, you may choose in any way you see fit provided you do not share your choice or choosing with anyone else.

You must do everything you’re told to do. You must stick to the rules and if you fail, you must put the book down, your soul is forfeit.

You’ll know when you’ve failed by the temporary loss of one of your senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, or – for those aware of it – the sixth sense. It will return to you but this signals you are out of the game, thank you for playing.




•You must do everything you are instructed to

•You must wear your colour every day

•You must not show anyone the book

•If you’re told not to do something you must not do it

•Do not be afraid or show fear

•Never apologise

•You must not break the human law

•You must not harm anyone, yourself or others

•You must not fail


You must never talk about the game until you’re instructed otherwise


This game will teach you things about yourself you never imagined possible, things you’ll hate and things you’ll be grateful for. It will show you magic and power, darkness and light, sorrow, misery, passion, desire, fear, pain and anger and you will embrace it all for the love of the game.


For every five others, you lead into the game you can play again, their souls will be the price for your next gift, it doesn’t matter whether they fail or win, it only matters whether you do.

It’s not a difficult game to play if you’re willing to put your heart’s desire and your needs before everything else. It would be better if you didn’t get addicted. There’s always guilt in the back of your mind about the number of souls you’ve played for.

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Would you ever play a game that risked your life?

What about your very soul?

If you play you pay.


The Soul Game at its core is a love story - a messy, twisted love story.

When the one true Prince of Hell loses the love of his life he must risk his soul to win her back.


"This game will teach you things about yourself you could never imagine, it’ll show you darkness, desire, fear, pain and you’ll embrace it all for the love of the game.”


The Soul Game is K.T. McQueen’s third novel published by KGHH Publishing.

Like it’s predecessors, Whispers on The Hill and Skin Side Out it will leave you breathless.







Smoking ruins litter corridors, molten lava flowing through foul sulphurous air. No place for shirts here, no place for women or children, and yet here they are, alongside their men. Screaming for someone, anyone, to help them. Unaccepting of their situation.

How do you imagine Heaven? Pearly white gates, the guy with a book – checking your name is on the list. Deciding whether you should be allowed in? Perhaps you’re meant to convince them of your worthiness or confess the last of your sins. But what is behind those imposing gates? A table for two and a silver platter holding beans on toast? – No need for a banquet with so few making it in, right?

And what about Hell? A boiling mass of molten lava and pits filled with sinners? The eternal struggle to get the boulder up the hill. Getting into Hell is as easy as, well, eating too much pie!

Hell, isn’t all screaming, sulphur, and lava. That’s only the deepest layer. Above is a bustling, thriving community, and the biggest printing press the world has ever known –as it is above so it is below. It whirs and clanks and glistens, workers shine its surfaces, sweep beneath it, load the paper, box the books, and deliver them to the surface.

With only a little gentle persuading a human publisher agreed to be the known publishing house on the surface. The latest book from Hell’s Printing Press was going to be a best seller. The publishing house logo on the spine gave it a little something extra. Prompted people to buy the book.

This arrangement allowed interviews for their sales team to be conducted in the human world. The job seekers saw the publishing company’s logo, read the mouth-wateringly good job description, and sent in their application form. Never suspecting anything out of the ordinary was going on.





He’d always liked the darkness, but recently it had become comfortable. No longer frightening or challenging, causing him to wonder what exactly he was doing with his life. If you could, in fact, call it a life. He’d learnt to tamp it down, push it into the deepest part of him, and keep it from surfacing.

So, he welcomed the light streaming through the apartment window across the bed where he lay. Today would be different.

Things were looking up. After weeks of job hunting, he’d nailed an interview and accepted the job offer, a job that would allow him to help people get what they most desired. He would bring joy to the world. He would be venturing out into the world to sell the latest, greatest, self-help book of all time.

The numbers on the clock rolled over and the radio alarm came to life. He smiled. Yes, it was a new day, how appropriate.

The coffee machine followed suit and soon the apartment filled with the rich dark roast aromas of his favourite coffee. He added full cream milk and sipped as he flipped through the newspaper. A light breakfast of yogurt and fruit accompanied his new life and outlook. He didn’t for one-second miss the bacon on rye, with egg, that he normally opted for.

There was a knock on the door. As the only member of the household still in the apartment, it was up to him to see who was calling. Joy, his girlfriend, had left hours earlier.

‘Hello,’ he said.

‘Delivery for Mr. Mike Pelt.’

‘That’s me,’ or at least the name he was currently going by.

‘Sign here.’ The man handed over clipboard and pen.

‘You not trusted with the digital things?’ Mike asked cheerily.

‘They’re on the blink,’ grumbled the man, not seeing the possibilities of this new day. He wheeled a stack of boxes into the apartment. Then watched as Mike took them off one by one. ‘There you go.’

He turned and left. Mike scratched his head and pulled open the flaps. He hadn’t ordered anything. On the top of a closely stacked pile of books was the packing note: thirty printed books – The Soul Game.

He hadn’t placed an order. In fact, he hadn’t even spoken to potential buyers yet. He was meant to do that today. Hard backed, smooth and matte the book he picked up had an old feel in new packaging.


He turned to the back cover and read the blurb.


‘For anyone who wants to change their lives for the better. This book will help you achieve your heart’s desire in just ten short days. Whether that’s an increase of income, better health, a new love, better luck, or self-confidence, this book can help you achieve it.


Inside you will learn:

How to step out of your comfort zones and ask for what you want

How to approach strangers with confidence

How to stop worrying about what others think of you

How to live confidently the way you want to

And so much more


In just ten days you will achieve more than you ever dreamt possible. And at the end, you will have a new-found sense of freedom and purpose. From day one your life will begin to improve and your luck change. Who wouldn’t give their soul for such miraculous changes to their life? You can have what you most desire – all you must do is follow the ten simple tasks. Are you ready to change your life?’

So, this was the book that was going to change people’s lives. Well, it was already improving his.

His phone pinged and replacing the book he went to the breakfast bar to retrieve it. He’d received an email:


Dear Mike,


Welcome to the team, we are so pleased you agreed to come on board. It is the beginning of a great journey and we look forward to your continued enthusiasm. You have just taken receipt of three boxes of books. Two boxes contain sixty hardback copies with ten books signed by the author. The third holds paperback copies.


We have sent these so that once you make your first sales you will not need to wait for delivery of items. We hope you will keep ahead of your sales and anticipate the books you will need in advance. They are printed when an order is placed and only a few are pre-printed to reduce costs.


The author will be doing a tour and we will let you know the details when locations and dates are finalised. We will also send you tickets to sell. We expect every show to sell out quickly. This book is already in high demand and we receive requests for talks to be given regularly.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the support team. Your designated support team member is: Ginger.


However, you may talk to whichever member of the team is available to take your call.


Once again, thank you for joining our sales team. We appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm.




Magenta Hues

Head of Sales


P.S. One signed copy of the book is just for you; we hope you will accept this as a welcoming gift.


P.P.S. Order forms and directions for online orders are on the back of this letter.


That was a little weird, wasn’t it?


Maybe if he sold enough of the books, and tickets, he could save enough to buy an engagement ring.


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