Running into the living room, Cissy welcomed toddler Jack into her open arms lifting him into the air laughing. Mother sat in the rocking chair wrapped in a yellow sheet of cloth, her peach colored shoulders bare for the world to see. Beside her a basket of yellow flowers picked from her garden.

Cissy put little Jack back on the floor on his feet, “I was just placing some of these here flowers in your Mother’s hair, when I’m done I’ll be getting Jack from ya.”

Nathaniel grabbed Jack up and placed him on his hip, “It’s fine Cissy.  We’ll go out back if we have permission.” He looks past Cissy to see Mother, “Why are you wearing a sheet Mother?”

Her giggle was like a wind chime hanging on the air, “Oh, Nathaniel…. It is called a sarong dear boy. Cissy showed me how to, well it’s a dress…  I want to look pretty for your Father, it’s our anniversary today.”

Cissy grabs up a flower, “This here flower is a green and gold, your garden has such beautiful flowers Celeste.” She sticks it in before the braid that lines her hair line.

Walking to the basket I pick the prettiest flower I see.  Holding it up to Cissy, I ask “What is this flower?”

“Ha ha, this here is a black-eyed Susan!” she says taking the flower from me, placing it next in her hair next to the other.

Nathaniel comes over to the basket, “This is the most beautiful flower in the bunch!”

“I agree my dear Nathaniel, it is a dandelion.” Mother says smiling so large that all of her beautiful ivory teeth glisten.  Bending her neck down, Nathaniel places it next in the line of flowers.

Looking at her she looks like one big yellow flower with the dress, the flowers, and her golden blonde hair. I begin laughing and everyone turns to me.

“Mother looks like a flower, one big ol’ flower!” I exclaim bursting into an even bigger fit of laughter to which everyone follows suit.

Once the laughter dies down my Mother says, “You sound so country my sweet Edward. We must get you a tutor right away.”

“Why?  So I can sound like you and Nathan, no way!” I yell smiling, pointing at them both.

Cissy continuing to place flowers interjects, “Ah, Miss. Celeste, you knows it’s my fault us negros don’t have no formal education.  I hope it won’t be that way for my Jacky boy.”

“It’s quite alright Cissy, he’s about the age that he can begin his formal learning and don’t you worry about Jack. He will have an education.” Mother replies handing Jack a small flower, one I knew – a field clover.

“Will it be Mr. March? Will he be Edwards tutor?” Nathaniel asks walking towards the door as the sound of the metal gate clanging caught everyone’s attention, “It is Father.”

Standing up she grabs the basket to give to Cissy, “We must go to the bedroom. Keep Father busy boys!”

“I don’t want Mr. March, he’s funny…” I say as they make their way out of the room.

Touching my chin Mother smiles, “Not Mr. March, we will hire a separate tutor for you my sweetheart.”

In a rush they were out of the room as Father opens the door.  The smell of dirt and grass filled the air upon his entry and the loud sound of his boots upon the wooden floor.

Towering above us he looks down, his black hair disheveled his emerald eyes wide.  With a booming voice he says, “Are my boys behaving today?”

All of us nod our heads yes in unison when suddenly his large arms wrapped around us three, “Today is a special day!  Love, love boys – is all you need in this world! Where is your Mother?”

A sudden shaking feeling tore me out of this dream as I open my eyes to an older Nathaniel shaking me forcefully, “Get up!  Get up!  Mother is dead, I checked on her and she is not breathing.”

His face was paler than I had ever seen it, covered in wet tears with swollen eyes, “He was supposed to be bringing someone to save her… he is too late…”

Grabbing him up into my arms I hug him tightly, “We will be alright, love is all you need in this world…”

Nis web cover


Set in the era of plantation slavery, Nissoue is a book of controlling power, elicit romance and black magic.


Who controls who? Does the master control the slaves or will the Black magic overpower them all. Can good overcome evil?

In this second book by S.L. Walker she delves into the world of the occult. It's a disturbing world not meant for the faint hearted.


Nissoue will weave her magic on you.


This second book by author SL Walker is aviliable now for pre order.

Published  April 19th 2016