Seeing as Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, it's a pleasure to answer these questions!!!


1. What is your favourite Christmas story & why?


My favourite Christmas story is Scrooge. It has it all - a little horror with the ghosts, a touch of romance with Scrooge's past and the perfect story line, bad leading to good.  A happy joyous Christmas ensues and hook, line and sinker I'm sucked in!!!


2. What's your favourite Christmas song?  


When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney.  I sing it with a terrible voice and crazy dance and my girls adore it!!!


3. What to you is the true meaning of Christmas?

Perfect memories with friends and family.  Magical lights and decorations, wide smiles, rosy cheeks, country walks, movie time and time to be silly.


4. What's your favourite Christmas memory?


Visiting a wonderful place called Tredegar House with Scrooge in bed, actors dressed in victorian costume, a warm but age old kitchen with servants allowing you to make a Christmas wish whilst stirring the christmas pudding, dancing in the courtyard whilst drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies and a visit to Santy!!! Love it...


5. Where would you spend your dream Christmas?


A very honest answer, I'd like to spend Christmas at home!  Life's events have meant that we had to give ours up but to feel that simple pleasure would be wonderful.


6. What is your favourite Christmas film?


Oh but I have so many!!! I guess it would have to be narrowed down to The Grinch, he's a mean one yet we love him!


7. What's your perfect Christmas TV?


Perfect Christmas TV to me is magical movie time mixed with age old classics like Steptoe and Son and or The Royle Family and some heavily actioned time soap time...WHAT!!! One is a woman, dont you know...


8. What's the best Christmas presents you've given and received?


I make a point of giving presents that I'd love to receive and I believe that toys are not just for children, hence I'm so excited to be purchasing a mass of nerf guns for adults and children alike this Christmas. Let the battles begin!!!


9. Would you like to spend Christmas in the sun? If so where?


I'd love Christmas in the sun but in the depths of Scotland in a castle with jumpers, jeans and bootsl, rosy cheeks and country walks.


10. What writing plans do you have for the new year?


The new year will bring with it increased vigour in the productivity of my writing.  In truth its already began.  My drive is drawn from a desire to escape into a fictitious world, one where I can be who I want to be and any other reward will hopefully be monetary gain for my girls.


11. What are your new year resolutions?

Oh one's New Year Resolution will be to write, write and write!!! To study the greats, to expand upon my knowledge and to hit the great outdoors to fuel my inspiration, my girls at my side!!!


12. Which actor would you most like to see play Santa Claus?


Oh I have a favourite person that to me epitomises Santy and his name is Ray Steadman Head Crew Man and Press Officer of the RNLI Anglesey.  He has been my Knight, rescuing me from dark places, he is everyones Ray of Sunshine. He's welcomed and entertained Chernobyl Children many times and adores doing it. And even now, having recently lost a son in a tragic road accident, he has continuously checked on me, ensuring that I'm okay! He is Christmas, not an actor but the real thing...


But to think of an actor for television purposes, it would have to be the great Morgan Freeman.


Christmas Wishes to you all. Love Misti xx

Christmas tree

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Misti Debenno