Misti Debonno Author Bio

Misti Debonno is a studious writer, spending every day researching and creating imaginative stories in an attic room in the Welsh mountains.


Okay, that's a touch fictional. She holds her hands up to being a devoted coffee shop spy! It's here, that stories like Hijrah began, from the simple tap of a spoon to a group of retired men meeting for a morning brew, suddenly they morph into terrorists plotting the downfall of our nation. Her fine collection of scribbled notes merge to form what will eventually be a completed book, that is after much prompting from a stressed out publisher and much cajoling from her friends on social media.


Well she’s only gone and did it! Her first spy novel Hijrah being published early 2017 by KGHH Publishing. And when you finish dragging yourself up from the floor you might want to start turning the pages on the first of many of what will be bestselling books by Misti Debonno.




Misti's 12 Q's Xmas

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We at KGHH Publishing are delighted to publish a fast-paced, action, adventure, spy and espionage book Hijrah by Misti Debonno and Kensington Gore was lucky enough to catch up with the author at a secret location, we can’t say where as its top secret.


KG: Misti you are looking as beautiful as ever, thank you for sparing us some of your valuable time. Hijrah, an intriguing title, what does it mean and what’s the book about?


MD: Aww…well thank you for the compliments Kensington, and my time is never too valuable to chat with the likes of you. Hijrah, means migration, to move from one place to another ultimately for a more peaceful existence, and brings about a transition from weakness to strength. The book delves into the dark world of espionage and terrorist networks and uncovers a legion controlled by a secret global society. Their intention is clear from the outset, to take outright control of the world.


KG: Two spies are at the heart of this story, what drew you to these characters and the conflict?


MD: Yes, Missy is a MI5 agent with a difference, her powers of seduction, mind control, and assassination mark her out as superior to others.

I suppose it’s common for writers to weave themselves into their main characters, and I’d be deceitful if I said there wasn’t an element of me within ‘Missy’ but I shall leave it up to you to decide just what that common ground is.

As for Gellar, he thrills on battle, is a confirmed lothario, and is an altogether larger than life character who I will always be looking over my shoulder for. The conflict is not created, it’s real but of course fiction dresses it up for the readers.


KG: The book is kind of a love story and gets rather erotic and steamy in parts? Did you enjoy or have any concerns about writing the love scenes?


MD: Oh, hands up I thoroughly enjoyed writing those scenes! It so belongs to these two characters, it’s a fiery reality that bleeds from the mind onto the page.


KG:  It’s a fast-paced book and you handle action very well, did you find writing those parts easy and how does that fit in with your writing style?


MD: I thrill on action! Racing across mountains in a battered Landrover, riding motorbikes and dreaming up scenarios sitting in coffee shops where ordinary people become absolute evil assassins is what motivates my creative madness. I don’t think of writing style, I guess to some people I might sound crazy, but all I do is type up the story that’s fed from my mind.


KG: Could you ever be a spy and how would you handle all the training?


MD: Haha…I am a self-confessed spy, I people watch daily, I’m a writer. More than that, I’m a mother and I believe that the right to protect your child outweighs any moral ethics code, so yes, I openly use social media and more to ensure my children are safe.

As for the training, well I’m not a woman who knows how to give up!


KG: When did you start writing and what inspired you to write Hijrah?


MD: I was a small child when I started writing stories and poems, about five or six years old. Hijrah was inspired by Gellar who will forever reside in my memory.


KG: You are a busy and proud mum with lovely daughters, what is your writing routine and how do you fit that in with family life?


MD: It’s never easy. Being a mother is the ultimate position in life, but my girls are so encouraging and proud of me. We have always worked as a team, through our most difficult times we were one another’s support. So, when it comes to writing I run everything by them, (except the steamy bits), they were often the ones to decide on the next form of action in Hijrah.

I discovered a long time ago that genuine creative force needs out, stifling it doesn’t bode well for the writer. And so, I might have to pull over on the side of the road and scribble notes on the back of envelopes, or sit in a coffee shop filling serviettes with Hijrah chapters, there is no right time or right place it’s quite simply a 24/7 process.


KG: What type of writing do you like to read and who is your favourite writers?


MD: This is such a difficult question, I like to explore new authors and genre’s, but I no longer look to main stream authors for my reading material, there is such a mass of truly magnificent writers out there who self-publish, in my experience they are the better buy for both price and story.


KG: This book has taken a long time to write and develop, hope you don’t mind me telling people it’s been over two years, do you think the world is now ready for a tough no nonsense female spy? There has been talk of the new James Bond type role being played by a woman.


MD: Actually, Kensington I started writing Hijrah in 2012, I held tight to it because it’s too personal for me. My life has changed so much in that time and letting go was kind of a goodbye process that I found almost impossible.

The world has always had tough no nonsense female spies!

Oh, yes, the James Bond woman, that’s a truly exciting prospect. And given that James has one eye on the women and another on his gadgets, I think a female Bond could quite steal the lead role from him, after all women are so the legends when it comes to multi-tasking, and getting the job done!


KG: This book is dedicated and you were helped by a close friend would you like to take this opportunity to thank him or any other one for that matter?


MD: Yes, the dedication is to Seb, my darling man, who is eternalised in this book. My greatest wish is that this book takes off, and he gets to live on in so many minds. As for my assistant, I’m afraid his identity has to remain a secret, so I’ll just call him my Pirate - thank you dear man, you kept me from giving up on life and this book after Seb died. I hope we get to share a celebratory glass of rum soon! Cheers…

Oh and you Kensington, I know I’ve not been easy to work with and I hope you appreciate that it was down to my ties to the book, but thank you so much for forcing me to let go…


KG: You are too kind. Will there be a sequel to Hijra or more books in that genre? What are you planning to write next?


MD: Oh, there is a sequel already written in my mind. After all Daniel is a formidable force, Missy is still on a mission to take out the Global Controllers, and her revenge on Gellar and Stefan has yet to been realised. We will just have to wait and see if it becomes a sequel in book form, or is merely left as a teaser in the minds of the readers of Hijrah!


I have a couple of projects that I’m already working on, one a reworking of life in a small sleepy fishing village in Cornwall. An electric storm and turning of the tides brings about a series of adventures to include an invasion of the Russians through Cornish waters to relationships going asunder, and a murder mystery amongst the local community!


The second is a pirate novel and the lead character is flamboyant, feisty, flirty, and of course female!


Thank you so much for your time Misti, people can follow you on twitter at @mistidebonno and the book is now out on e-book & paperback on Amazon can be bought via these links:

Misti Debenno Hijra MASTER Website


Lethal agent Missy Rothstein has mastered the art of seduction, outsmarting all in her path – but when Jackson Gellar enters her life her dedication is tested to the limit. Sent to take out an MI6 operative she comes face to face with lethally handsome Gellar! The explosive mission sees them counteracting terrorist plots whilst battling for survival.


An underground network of specially trained child soldiers is poised to attack the very nations they were born unto. Amongst the deadly youth is believed to be Missy's nephew, Daniel!

Missy abandons all rules in her quest to get him out alive, can she succeed and save the world from imminent attack?


Misti Debonno’s Hijrah is a modern fast paced thriller written in the style of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books.


“Sex, spies & guns add up to fun in my book and for once the woman gets to be on top in more ways than one.”


Kensington Gore