K.T. McQueen is an up and coming writer from the North East of England. She writes dark horror and fantasy. Loves blood, guts and gore.


Her writing comes from her characters and she always lets the story go where the characters take her.


Whispers On The Hill is the first of many of her books to be published by KGHH Publishing Followed quickly by Skin Side Out and her third novel a paranormal romance The Soul Game has just been published December 2016.


Look out for her fantasy books from Wallace Publishing.


K.T. McQueen is a twin literary threat and it's only a matter of time before she gets enough money to buy her dream ranch like the one owned by her name sake Steve McQueen (no relation).

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KENSINGTON GORE'S HAMMERED HORROR - SKIN SIDE OUT, by K.T. McQueen published by Kensington Gore Publishing is aviliable HERE:

Kensington Gore's Hammered Horror - Skin Side Out by K.T. McQueen is a fast paced action horror novel.


Created from an alternate evolution of humans war is about to begin.


Soon it will all come to war between the species. Vampires against humans, both against Almanites, and one against them all.


It's hard when you're woken from your life with a jolt. Dumped into an existence you never even dreamt happening outside of the movies.


Expected to take part. Expected to accept the changes forced upon you. Expected to accept your own death. And continue to fight on regardless.


It's even harder to swallow when you are the key to the resurrection of the human race.


Despite never being anything more than the black sheep of the family with not much to show for the mundane life you've lived.


When greatness is thrust upon you, you can stumble and fall or try with all your might to find the hero within.

WHISPERS ON THE HILL by K.T. McQueen published by Kensington Gore Publishing is aviliable NOW...HERE:

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This dark horror is the first novel by new up and coming exciting writer K.T. McQueen.


A delectable novel about gruesome murder, relationships, sex and secrets.


Vilencia had suffered an unusual upbringing, her father taken away and Vilencia left to care for her distraught mother. Long after the death of both parents Vilencia returns to her childhood home the manor house, Whispers, which she sets about opening as a hotel; Her love of cooking and the reputation of ghosts in the house, brings guests from far and wide to stay in the remote location.


A couples councillor books the entire hotel as a retreat and in ones and twos the guests arrive. At first all seems normal, the food is amazing, the location remote but ideal for their needs; Then one by one people start to go missing.


They will find that the reconciliation of their relationships is of secondary importance.

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K.T. McQueen 12 Christmas Q's

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Would you ever play a game that risked your life?

What about your very soul?

If you play you pay.


The Soul Game at its core is a love story - a messy, twisted love story.

When the one true Prince of Hell loses the love of his life he must risk his soul to win her back.


"This game will teach you things about yourself you could never imagine, it’ll show you darkness, desire, fear, pain and you’ll embrace it all for the love of the game.”


The Soul Game is K.T. McQueen’s third novel published by KGHH Publishing.

Like it’s predecessors, Whispers on The Hill and Skin Side Out it will leave you breathless.