1. What is your favorite Christmas story & why?


My favorite Christmas story is The Little Match Girl. Writer Hans Cristian Anderson. I just fell in love with that story when I was a young girl, it didn’t just teach me the meaning of Christmas but the meaning of life. It’s just a beautiful story that I recommend for everyone to read.  


2. What's your favorite Christmas song?


I have so many, I´m a true Christmas child and I love music so picking one is very hard for me but I have one song that I listen more to now than others both last year and this year but it’s an Icelandic Christmas song and it’s called No Christmas Without You it’s so beautiful and one of our best artist that sings it Stefan Hilmarsson.


3. What to you is the true meaning of Christmas?


True meaning of Christmas? Lots of presents so many that you don’t know from who you got what from and you just want more. Just kidding. Family, family, family spending time with everyone, dressing up, playing cards, talking, laughing and just having a good time, it happens so seldom so that’s what true meaning of Christmas is to me.    


4. What's your favorite Christmas memory?


It’s when I was 8 years old, we were spending Christmas with my aunt in the us and at that time I believed in Santa Claus. My aunt told all the kids that Santa was coming and I was so excited, my God my dream was coming true Santa was in our house. My heart was exploiting of excitement then I saw Santa in the living room everyone got the change to sit on his lap and it was finally my turn, I walked over to him and I looked into his eyes I was so shy but he asked me what I wanted for Christmas and all kinds of great questions then suddenly I knew I had seen those eyes before so I asked him "Are you the real Santa?" Of course he said, then I asked him again "If you are the real Santa where is Vince?" (He is my aunt’s husband) he told me that he was taking care of the reindeers but I wanted proof and asked him to show me Vince and the reindeers but he said we couldn’t see them because they were invisible. Then I knew from that moment that there was no Santa in the house and I told all the kids that Vince was the Santa I destroyed Christmas for everyone hehehe but he was the nicest and best Santa I had ever met. This is my favorite Christmas memory.


5. Where would you spend your dream Christmas?


Iceland or the USA, don’t even have to think about it!.


6. What is your favorite Christmas film?


The Grinch and Polar express these are the films my kids and I watch every Christmas.  


7. What's your perfect Christmas TV?


I don’t know.


8. What's the best Christmas presents you've given and received?


This is the easiest question ever. My DAUGHTER was born December the 20th and I gave the world the best Christmas gift year 2000 and I received her and I will never give or receive anything like it again or will I.


9. Would you like to spend Christmas in the sun? If so where?


Yes I would love to try it once, I would pick Bora Bora or Hawaii.  


10. What writing plans do you have for the New Year?


I’m not sure, I like to surprise myself with my writing.


11. What are your New Year resolutions?


Just being happy and kind, that’s what I want for 2016.


12. Which actor would you most like to see play Santa Claus?


Johnny Deep he would be the most gorgeous and funniest Santa Claus EVER!!!

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Kristin H Richards debut novel Crepuscular is out early 2016. The first of a trilogy of books.