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Kristin H Richards was born and raised on a small and cold Island in the Atlantic Ocean called Iceland she moved to Sweden for few years when she was very young with her single mother and three siblings.

That's were Kristin started to love the fantasy world.


After living in Sweden for few years they moved back to Iceland for three years as her mother went to school in the USA they moved to the states for six months and then back to Iceland where she stayed until her adult years.


When she was thirty-one years of age she and her boyfriend with their three children wanted to try something new and moved to Sweden were all of her family lives today. They have lived there now for six and a half years and are very happy there. Kristin is a new published author of the trilogy Crepuscular her first book in the series is called Crepuscular Light In The Night.


She is a fantasy lover that has been living in her own fantasy world since she was little.


She used to use her imagination a lot when she was alone like walking home from school or going to the gymnastic every opportunity she got she started to create some new world that she liked from the age of seven and up to here teen years then she took up writing.


Kristin never thought about publishing anything she wrote, she looked at it more for fun.


She loves writing poems as she does story's and when she started to have her own kids she wrote them their own stories where they were the main character and they loved it.


Kristin has finished all three books in the crepuscular trilogy and she is very proud of the world she has created for her fans it took her about one year to write all three books and in October of 2015 she landed her first contract with a small publishing company in Scotland and few months later to be exact in March of 2016 her first book in the series was published.


In February of 2017 her second book Crepuscular The Magic Of The Sun's Rays was published.


She is a hard worker how loves writing and being around children and animals.

If she could she would build a very big house where she could adopt all the children and animals that are in need of love and security.


Her interests are being with her family, writing, tennis, being at the beach in warm weather and enjoying life as it comes.


She has three children with her boyfriend of twenty-four years.


Family and writing is her world.


Crepuscular: Light In The Night:


1.I am a big fan of music, dancing and singing. I write while I’m listening to music and I could go on all day just dancing, it makes life so much more fun.


2.I love my Caffé latte with vanilla and hazelnuts syrup that’s the one thing that keeps me good all day.


3.I have a big imagination, when I was young I used to want to walk alone home from school just so I could create my own stories.


4.I do all my house chores in high hills other ways nothing gets done.


5.You can guaranty if you take a trip with me you will have adventure, missing your flight, train or a bus or you need to loan me money because I am so excited for the trip that I forget mine in the car back home. I don’t just fantasies about adventure I live it.  


6.I love to laugh and make others laugh too.


7.My family and friends will always come first and I will do everything I can to help and be by their side when needed.

KG: What or who inspired you to be a writer?


KR: Actually it was no one well it was me ;)  I have always had a big imagination since I was a child and I loved writing my ideas down on paper.


KG: What gave you the idea of your latest book?


KR: Hummm so many things. The woods, the night, the stars, the moon just everything around me I guess I had wanted to write a adventures fantasy story for a while but I never gave myself time to do it, until one night when I just couldn’t sleep, I sat down in front of my computer and just started to write. The characters had such a great and fun story to tell so I guess they gave me the idea, it sounds crazy but it’s true.


KG: Who is your favourite writer?


KR: Me of course  But I love Nikolas sparks.


KG: What's your favourite book?


KR: I know I should say some of Nikolas books Like the Note Book and The Best of Me;) but I would not be writing my own books if they wore not my favorite at the moment ;)


KG: Do you read a lot? If so what are you reading right now?


KR: I am a very bad reader but of course I read sometimes but at the moment I’m just focusing on my own book.


KG: What writing projects are you working on at the moment?


KR: I’m working on my third book in my series  


KG: Where do you see yourself and your writing in five years’ time?


KR: Well I have big dreams, like I have big imagination so in five years I am still writing and I’ll have at least five books out by then, maybe I will be working on a fantasy children’s book I would love to do one or two of those.  


KG: What do you like most about writing?


KR: The thing I like most is that I can create and go into my own world and stay there for as long as I want. And then be able to take my readers with me into that world is the best thing.


KG: What one writing tip would you share?


KR: Oh God that’s a hard question. I would say write about what you love don’t write about what you think others will love.


KG: What would you say to inspire young up and coming writers?


KR: First of all I would tell them, this is the greatest job in the world and if you believe you can, you can. Dreams do come true but great things take time so be patient.  

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The second book in Kristin H Richards Crepuscular series of books is an action-packed YA fantasy blast from start to finish that will leave you breathless by the final page.



It begins in a small town in Canada called Fort Smith.


Were Lucy and her sister Lisa are living with their Uncle Travis who adopted them when they were only one and three years old after his sister Elvira the girl’s mother and there father Maccon suddenly disappeared.


Lucy is now eighteen and Lisa is sixteen and their lives are about to change dramatically over night when they will find out the truth about who they are and what they have become.

Lucy falls in love with the new guy in town Nikolas but she had no idea that Vampires existed. Then one of her childhood best friend Ty who is a Werewolf comes back to town and sees Nikolas with her then he thinks it's time to start protecting Lucy and tell her what he really thinks of her.


But that won't be as easy as he thought because when she fell in love with Nikolas she woke up all the Demons and Nikolas had only one option and that was to take here to Iceland in hope that the Vikings would help them find her parents and fight with them when the time came Ty had made up his mind about Nikolas and now they both had to protect her before she would change into one of the dangers animal killer out there.

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Rose was the love of Joe’s life. He always knew that.


But what do you do when you lose the love of your life? What if you know the top doctor you hired to save the love of your life is in fact to blame for her death?


Joe goes searching for the doctor, for answers, for closure, for revenge.


While driving through Colorado, just before Christmas, a severe snowstorm halts his search and he must take refuge in a motel in the middle of nowhere.


In a strange twist of fate, whilst marooned there, he gets talking, and closer than he ever expected he could after three years of mourning, to the beautiful young owner Cheryl.


But Cheryl, like Joe, has baggage and secrets. Can their blossoming love match up to Knowing Rose?


This first romance novel by Kristin H. Richards is an emotional rollercoaster ride of a book that will move and bring a tear to the eye of even the coldest heart.





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