Rose was the love of Joe’s life. He always knew that.


But what do you do when you lose the love of your life? What if you know the top doctor you hired to save the love of your life is in fact to blame for her death?


Joe goes searching for the doctor, for answers, for closure, for revenge.


While driving through Colorado, just before Christmas, a severe snowstorm halts his search and he must take refuge in a motel in the middle of nowhere.


In a strange twist of fate, whilst marooned there, he gets talking, and closer than he ever expected he could after three years of mourning, to the beautiful young owner Cheryl.


But Cheryl, like Joe, has baggage and secrets. Can their blossoming love match up to Knowing Rose?



This first romance novel by Kristin H. Richards is an emotional rollercoaster ride of a book that will move and bring a tear to the eye of even the coldest heart.


Knowing Rose book cover design & copyright Graeme Parker KGHH Publishing


We are so pleased to be interviewing the lovely Kristin H. Richards, a native of Iceland but she is no ice maiden and in fact has a warm heart of gold.


KG: Knowing Rose is your first romance book are you a romantic at heart and how do you liked to be romanced?


KR: Yes, I am very romantic at heart it's just so natural and beautiful to me. That's a very easy question I love taking midnight walks when the sky is clear and the stars are shining. I also love my Saturday dates mornings or nights with my boyfriend I think that's very romantic.


KG: Knowing Rose is an intense love story but different than the usual; without giving too much what can you tell us about it?


KR: Like you said it's a very intense love story that's different from the usual love stories but it takes you into Joey's world as he opens it up to everyone that wants to hear his story.

When he fell in love with his soulmate Rose he thinks his life is made but then in a blink of an eye his world was taken from him and he, like a lot of people in that situation, doesn’t know how to move on. They have to get passed the rage and the want for revenge. But that’s just the beginning.


KG: There are two main characters thrown together almost but a big secret and a twist. Do you enjoy a twist in your romance stories?


KR: YES! I love it and I think it needs to have a twist in it, otherwise the book would just be like every other love story I think the twist makes it so much more than a run of the mill story.


KG: Have you read a lot of romance in the past? And what do you see makes a good romantic novel?


KR: Actually, I haven't read a lot of romance novels am sorry to say but I think what makes a great romantic story is what you find in your heart. So, in a way not reading too much in that genre keeps my writing fresh and from the heart.


KG: What is the most romantic thing you've had done and have you done in the past?


KR: I try to surprise my loved once when I get the chance to do so that's romantic right? :)


KG: Hell yeah. Now, you’ve written fantasy YA & Romance which do you prefer and why?


KR: Both!  I love the fantasy world it's such an amazing place and I love to create my own fantasy world and invite my readers into it. Romance is a big part of who I am and I love writing about true love and happiness it makes me feel so good.


KG: I think Knowing Rose would make a great film, kind of like love story. What are your favourite romantic films and why?


KR: OMG. I have so many I could just sit and watch romance films all day and night but my absolute favourite is Pearl Harbour and The Note Book.


KG: And what two Hollywood stars could you see in the leading roles and why?


KR: They are few Hollywood actors out there that I could see play Joey's role, he's a very handsome man that shows his emotions easily so there are few actors out there that would be a perfect fit.


KG: I don't want to give too much away but this story even made this hardened old soul cry. Do you like making people cry and should we sell a box of cleanex with every copy?


KR: (Lol) Yes and no. I do like it when there's something beautiful happening. But I absolutely hate it when people are sad about something.  We should absolutely sell cleanex box with every copy ;)


KG: It's well written and not easy to get the reader so involved in the story. Do you think KGHH Publishing & your editor Hache L. Jones helped you a lot?


KR: Yes, I do! They really helped me make the story even more beautiful! They are heroes in my eyes.


KG: What romance novels do you have in the pipeline and is romance your preferred genre going forward? And if so, how long do we have to wait for more?


KR: I am actually writing another love story that I hope to be finished with by the end of this year it's called Save By The Ocean and it's just as beautiful as Knowing Rose. So, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.


KG: Well, I for one just can’t wait, thank you for your time Kristen it’s always a pleasure.


KR: You are welcome Kenny, I always have time and love for you.



Click on the link to read a short extract from Kristin H. Richards fabulous moving debut romance novel. Published by KGHH Publishing 2nd September 2017