Kim Culpepper Author Bio

Kim Culpepper lives in Atlanta, USA.


Most of her writing is based in America's deep south because she enjoys writing characters with great depth and pathos. The South has a pleather of people to inspire that.


Kim has been writing since she was twelve years of age. She has written screenplays, poems, short stories, and her first novel The Blood Talisman is available now on Amazon.


She specialises in adult horror with some romance thrown in for good measure.

But can turn her hand at any genre, even an erotic cookery book.


Outside of writing, she works as an Assistant Property Manager at Leigh Mall and could sell space to NASA.

She's married with two beautiful kids, and two mischievous cats Midnight and Jinx.


Kim has been published in Sanitarium Magazine, Pen and Muse Blog, Books of the Dead Press, and several other horror and writer related websites. Her debut novel, The Blood Talisman, is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

She is also an actress and has worked on film and TV.



You can read Kim's debut novel The Blood Talisman via these links:



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 “Please Hyperion. Let’s forge a truce and stop the killing of our countrymen.” A man dressed as a king begged before a humble man of great power. “We will let you practice witchcraft but you must stop them from tearing through town to town.”

Hyperion, a man in his mid-fifties had seen better years. His three young children played in a room nearby. They chased each other with tiny brooms made out of hay. They pretended to knight each other as they were captured. It disturbed the king to see being knighted as a bad thing. He couldn’t imagine why a father would teach his children to be so unruly.

“Emperor Julian, I find it ironic that a man of your stature be driven to such desperate measures as to ask a known necromancer for help. Aren’t we usually persecuted and beheaded in front of an audience?” Hyperion asked.

“I will offer you anything on behalf of my country. Greece must be saved from these overemotional creatures. Swords are no match for man sized wolves and blood drinking vampires. They walk in the light after they are dead. We can bury them in chains and the wolves just dig them up. We are desperate.”

“The years of persecution on behalf of my fellow witches will be over and the war over humankind will end. I will make this truce with you but, I must have a blood offering.”

“Anything. I would give my life for this great country.” Julian proudly proclaimed. He stood with his chest out, ready for death on behalf of the future of Greece.

Hyperion walked over to his children and watched them in the next room for a moment before closing a curtain, shielding them from his words. “How many children do you have?” he asked with his back still turned away from Julian.

The emperor fell to his knees and said, “Please no. You can’t ask for my son’s life. I won’t give him to you. He is only a baby. He doesn’t even know the world that surrounds him.”

Hyperion turned and stared down at him with derision. “Get up you fool. I’m not asking for death. You can’t forge peace in death. I only ask for an essence of him. Merely a drop of his precious blood will create a bond that will last as long as the object it is placed in.”

Julian raised himself up to his feet and questioned Hyperion. “An object and my only son’s blood will end a war of epidemic proportions? I can’t believe such magic exists.”

“That is the problem with you heretics. Non-believers can not fathom something so simple yet so complex. You will never understand the true meaning of life and death. You all hide behind beliefs of saving grace and people that live as humans. A monster will never be beautiful in your eyes.”

“Those that rip throats out and strip human flesh from bone are not beautiful. I see only death in their eyes as they pick off person by person.”

“That’s just it. There is a person behind those beastly eyes that has no choice but to feast on those that betray the very mankind that they were created from. They have a hunger within them that is insatiable. It’s a hunger for life.”

“I can’t listen to you explain my friends and distant family as meals for those…animals.” Julian yelled.

Hyperion chuckled and responded, “And this is why we would never be accepted as members of your community.”

Julian crossed the room to stand closer to Hyperion. The answers that Julian sought could not be found in Hyperion’s stern face and cold eyes. He had such of a good reputation amongst the other practitioners of witchcraft. Being known as the only necromancer, Julian knew that Hyperion retained powers that no other witch could battle.

“Your reputation is great but, the truth is that you are just another bad witch. They say that eyes are windows into one’s soul. Your eyes are cold and retain no emotion. Did you give it all to the vampires and wolves?”

“Actually, I was much more powerful than what I am today. With each child that I father a little of my powers are passed onto them. My son got my telekinetic powers, my first daughter got my healing powers, and my third and last got the most powerful of them all. I retain the power to immortality and I don’t intend to give that away. I can however, harness it into a talisman. I will need the blood of youth to bind it.”

“You will use my son’s blood to bind them? All of them?”

“The wolves and the vampires will no longer be immortal. They may be defeated.”

“Why do I feel like there is a catch?”

“Because there is. Do you think I would just end this war and not gain anything from it?”

Julian rolled his eyes and continued to pace the floor, imagining every horrible scenario imaginable. “Well what is it?” he said after a spell of silence.

“I and my children will become immortal. Your child’s blood will bind him and his ancestors to my three. To omit this truce and make my creatures immortal once again, your child or his child or his child’s child must become one of my creatures and between him and my children, only they can break the spell of the talisman. I’m protected, you’re protected. We all win.”

“I’m not protected. What if one of those things try to turn my son just to retain their immortality?”

“They will have to take the talisman from my dead body. There are only three people on this earth that can kill me. They play in the next room.” Hyperion said as he opened the curtain to see his children tuckered out and all asleep amongst blankets on the floor. “Sol, Rose, and Selene have a great destiny about them. They do not know the power they possess to rule this world. They have just as an equal chance as your offspring. A father could never want more than privilege for their children. Could you not agree Julian?”

Julian looked over Hyperion’s shoulder at the sleeping children and agreed to the truce for the betterment of his country. A talisman was made and worn by the only necromancer amongst practitioners of witchcraft. For years, vampires attempted to kill the immortal and claim the talisman as their own. The wolves thanked the immortal for creating a truce that would let them live until they died as being a werewolf was painful and their overemotional actions always drove those they love away.

And so it began, a war of wolves and blood suckers. They hated each other and could never find the strength within to agree on anything. The immortal went into hiding when his children grew to the age that they would remain for an eternity. Peace found Greece and the world. Fictional tales and fables were told century after century of love and woe between mythical creatures that crave the force of life to survive a hunger within them so great that they would forsake all of love to taste their energy.

Kensington Gore speaks candidly to author, model, actress, soon to be Gore scream Queen. Kim Culpepper.



This interview is set in a blood bath, literally a blood bath, or to be more precise a bath filled with blood. I am doing a sponsored 24 hour sit in a tub of blood to help homeless zombies or something, I've been in here so long I bloody forget I have a key interview with fab horror writer, model, actress all round good egg Kim Culpepper.

Kim is a new addition to the Kensington Gore Publishing stable and I can't wait to take her for a ride on the moors.


I best turn my dic off, as I am getting blood in the works and my battery is going down faster than a porn star on a submarine.



Greetings dear reader. You join me yet again in my bath of blood. I'm another hour into my charity effort and feeling a bit lonely to be honest. But who is this? “I’m to be joined in my very own "Bloodbath" by the lovely stunning young writer, model, actress, entrepreneur the ever lovely Kim Culpepper.


KG: Kim, thank you for joining me in my blood bath. May I say my darling the bikini my wife Marge leant you looks simply stunning on you. It's the very one warn by Ursula Undress in the Bond film Dr No. Don't worry it's been cleaned.


KC: Ew.


KG: Is this the strangest place you've done an interview?


KC: I think this is the strangest place I’ve ever been period.


KG: I hope the temperature of the blood is to your liking? It's not real blood by the way, it's fake, named after me. Kensington Gore. But it's my secret recipe. I'd tell you it but then I'm afraid I'd have to kill you my darling and that might make for a bit of a bad interview. It's kind of like Colonel Sanders chicken. Think my blood actually tastes better. Speaking of blood baths a little bird tells me you'd love to get into writing horror movies?


KC: I do love lots of gore and blood! Excited to be working for the British master of all that is horrifically hilarious.


KG: Well I do like to raise a titter or two. Tell me my dear what scares you in horror and real life? What makes you scream dear? Don't worry about that, it's only a loffer.


KC: Horror only ever excites me. It never scares me, although the situation you’ve put me in today is a little frightening. Bugs make me scream. You’ve got none of those creeping about do you?


KG: Nothing crawling around my body, sadly. You say all of your life you've been around death. Well you're in a bath tub full of blood with me the master of death, horror and gore. Death doesn't scare you dear?


KC: I’ve got more to be afraid of here than on the other side. Death doesn’t scare me, in fact we are really good friends.


KG: I try to avoid death like the plague, or should that be until I've got the plague?


KC: You're funny Mr Gore.


KG: Why thank you. Now, can we talk books? You are a very good writer, when did you first start writing and what inspired you?


KC: I was twelve when I started writing horror. Life inspires me. Many would say death inspires horror or pain but, I think even in the happiest of times fear and horror lurk just beyond the shadows waiting to steal your light away and nothing is more terrifying than that. Being alone in life is terrifying to most and once you take away the people they love and the things they find comfort in is when true fear lies.


KG: What's the best thing you love about writing? To me it's the royalty cheque!


KC: Oh you mean the one you’ve not sent me yet? Yea that’s all good but what I love about writing is the release of what I feel inside. Being able to put anger or sadness or whatever I’m feeling down on pages is almost orgasmic.


KG: (at this point I spat out my cocktail which I was taking a drink of) Oh, my! Orgasmic!! You've written a novel, The Blood Talisman, I'll be honest unlike some, I haven't read it but I like by the title alone as it's got blood in it and what's it about?


KC: Most werewolf stories you follow a journey of how one main character deals with turning into a raging beast nightly but this is about more than that. I’ve delved deeper into my characters and they get thrown into a battle for a special piece of jewellery, the blood talisman. Only the witches are immortal so between non-immortal vampires, werewolves, and some other supernatural creatures thrown in there it makes for an interesting pull between good and evil.


KG: I do like a good pull! Will there be a sequel? I do love a good sequel, so much so I often do the sequel first.


KC: Yes there will be a sequel. Lots of sex and betrayal in the second instalment between characters that you would not expect to be getting together. Also lots of twists and turns in the supernatural end  of the story as well.


KG: You are working on some very exciting short stories with none other than me, I've read a lot of them and they are very fabulous. A lot about zombies and, spoiler alert people getting shot in the bloody head. What inspires your warp twisted mind to write horror?


KC: I do have an innate obsession with shooting people in the head. Quickest way to end a life permanently is the best way I can put it. Promise I’m not a psychopath. I like writing horror because it plays on an emotional we all have. Every single person on this Earth is scared of something. There are endless possibilities when it comes to horror.


KG: What other writing projects have you got coming up? When can I have you on my device? My e-reader I mean.


KC: I have a short story coming out in October with a ton of other fantastic indie horror authors. The anthology will be The Dark Carnival and you can look at more about it on Pen & Muse blog. I also am working on a novel that is rather spooky. It’s a ghost story about a young woman that can talk to ghosts. Her special gift has never haunted her until her memories escape her and she fights for remembrance of a horrific incident that her hometown hides from her.


KG: Have you ever been to England or London before this? What are you looking forward to most in your visit? It's a working vacation I hear, you never rest?


KC: I don’t ever rest. I am constantly working. I can sleep when I’m dead. I am looking most forward to doing photo shoots and digging back to my modelling roots. I modelled some when I was younger and it’s been fun getting back into it. Makes me feel young again.


KG: Apart from my good self, that one's always a given, who would you most like to work with in the future?


KC: Every horror author’s biggest dream is to work with Stephen King I think. Besides writing with him, would love to write or act in anything written by Kevin Williamson. He is just the best screenplay writer right now and his TV credits are growing. Just love everything he writes.


KG: You are a very busy, high powered lady, two beautiful children. I know they mean the world to you. What do you, Kim, hot chilli Pepper. I mean Culpepper do to relax?


KC: I love going to the beach and watching the waves roll ashore. Just listening to them crash is like listening to life. I feel so pulled towards the ocean because it is just so relaxing. I try to make a trip once a year. On the daily grind, music relaxes me and watching someone get their head blown off. I just really love horror.


KG: I know some very beautiful scream queens. Would you like to work in the horror genre? I see you as real leading lady material. You are very tall, how tall are you? Do you find a lot of men look up to you?


KC: I love doing what I can to promote horror so if I am acting, modelling, or writing then I am happy. I am 5’10” and I do tend to tower over many men. My long legs and aggressive personality always win them over.


KG: In fact you might be perfect for my last big horror film I plan to shoot this year Werewolves of London, as Rose the English flower. Can you do a cockney accent?


KC: I can try my best but my American Southern dialect is very hard to hide.


KG: How would you feel about being chased around the streets of London covered in fake blood by a pack of wild animals, baying for your blood, wanting to rip your clothes off and tear you limb from limb?


KC: I just did that last night! Instead of wild animals though it was just a bunch of horny old men.


KG: They’d be worse than the bloody paparazzi. Do you get bothered by paparazzi people? I hate having cameras shoved in my every orifice! Reminds me when I was having my bladder checked, they shoved a wee camera down my old man and just before they did so the bloody wag of a cameraman said “Quite on set action Mr Gore!” But I digress. I do that a lot, you need to rain me in. Well someone needs to.


KC: If eyes were cameras then yes. I get lots of looks from being so tall I think.


KG: I'm sure a lot of good roles are to come your way. I know if I survive through this whole thing I'd love to give you one. A role I mean. If not the lead of Werewolves of London perhaps a smaller part. Would you like to write or direct in Hollywood?


KC: I think the most talented make it to Hollywood and I am confident enough in myself to think I can make it there someday.


KG: Or how about the film industry in your own home town. There a big scene where you are?


KC: Actually yes. Atlanta has become a hub of TV and film recordings. The South is exploding with talent and I’m more than happy that I live so close to all the action and growth.


KG: One last question, ops sorry that isn't a loofer, before I get off, I mean get out. What advice would you give to any young aspiring writer?


KC: I would say write a lot and read a lot and not just that get to know people. Talk with people who are headed towards the same goal as you. Working with other horror authors and horror enthusiasts has been very beneficial to my success.


KG: You know young lady. I feel; we have bonded, so much so I will tell you my favourite joke. Two nuns sat in the bath, a normal bath I might add. One turns to the other and says "Where's the soap?" And the other gives a naughty giggle and says... "Yes it does doesn't it" Ha!


KC: Oh, Mister Gore. You are just too funny.


KG: Where's the soap?


KC: It does doesn't it Mr Gore?!



Ha, you naughty girl. It just leaves me to thank you for joining me in my blood bath and I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say I look forward to seeing you develop under me.

Don't forget to give Marge the bikini back, I just hope Ms Undress doesn't mind the blood stains.

Looks more like Carrie's bloodiest bloody period.


You can read Kim's debut novel The Blood talisman through these links:








And for all the latest news on Kim's writing check here her new home but also her very own website and read and enjoy her blog.

1. Living in the Bible Belt of America, I get judged a lot for writing horror. I've heard everything from 'why don't you write something normal?" to 'Do you worship the devil?' I think horror is very normal and one of possibly the truest forms of writing because it explores one of the rawest human emotions which is fear and no I do not worship the devil."



2. I come from a very poor family. I have lived in a house with plywood floors and in some of the worst neighborhoods in my hometown.


3. I love heavy rock and rap music. Anything with a beat and rhythm is fun to write to. I have to have music to write.


4. I can't wait to come to London, England to work closely with horror legend Kensington Gore. I so love his accent and it makes me swoon but she can't understand a single word when he talks to her in cockney rhyming slang. Something about taking me up the "Rum & Ribena?!" sounds way too painful for words!


5. I have tattoos on my back. I want another one on my arm of a feather quill. Tattoos hurt so I have to earn up the nerve to get the new one. I'm a big chicken when it comes to needles.


6. I am a tall girl at 5'10 but probably one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. I get along with everyone and I never meet a stranger.


7. I used to be into modeling and actually tried to make a go of it when I was younger. But I was too in love with writing to really focus on it, writing is my great passion.


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