Twins of evil


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Judy Matheson & Suzanna Leigh in Hammer Horror's Lust For A Vampire (1971)


We at KGHH Publishing are so excited to announce a brand-new horror project by the great iconic Hammered horror director Kensington Gore. Kensington a true legend in his own mind is compiling a book of horror scream Queens & Kings.


He is starting with the Queen’s, well in Kensington’s world, ladies always come first.

It’s a book packed full of horror lovelies and luvies, pictures, interviews, anecdotes, thoughts of the Horror legends old and new.


As way of a teaser we are publishing on-line the very first Horror Scream Queen interview with the ever-lovely Judy Matheson.


Judy appeared in Hammer horror classics like The Twins of Evil and Lust for a Vampire (1971).


Also, other horror, comedy, and various film work including Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974)


After drama school, where Judy became a lifelong friend of Dame Helen Mirren, she began her career in 1967 with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company with which she toured the United States, including a season on Broadway, followed by Europe in three of Shakespeare's plays, the highlight of which was Sir Tyrone Guthrie's production of Measure for Measure.


Judy has also worked on TV, in Coronation Street, Crossroads, The Sweeny, The Professionals, and Citizen Smith. She also worked as a continuity announcer and though retired from acting still makes appetences at horror festivals and the like.





We would like to thank Judy for not only a fab interview but use of photos too.

Please click on the link button below to read the interview.