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New book info by Jane Murray coming 2019:

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We are delighted to announce that writer Jane Murray has signed to our stable of writing talent.


Her debut novel The Cottage writing as C.C. Cummins will be out some time 2019 and she's already working hard on her bio-fiction and erotic writing.

The Cottage is an intense erotic novel - a fun, no holds barred  sexual story of love in the country.


Her somewhat biographical novel, writing as Amy J Steinberg - The Fingers of God is due out in late 2019 - so watch this space for a busy year ahead for the lovely Jane.


Who we are sure will be a valuable member of our writing team.

Jane lives in the countryside in North West England, with her ever faithful dog.

KG: What or who inspired you to be a writer?


JM: Two people, really – An English teacher at infant school. I can still remember her name – Mrs Hulley. I could already read and write before I went to school, thanks to my Great Grandma, so it was these two ladies who encouraged me with my scribblings. Both sadly long dead now, I have them to thank for so much.


KG: What gave you the idea of your latest book?


JM: The Cottage was inspired by my recent house move.  I actually live in the cottage I have based the story on, and yes, I have reason to believe it’s haunted.  I’ve not seen any ghosts though.


KG: Who is your favourite writer and why?


JM: Ooh, tough one! I have to say John Steinbeck, simply because of ‘Of Mice and Men’ – the first book I ever read which made me cry.


KG: What's your favourite book?


JM: Wuthering Heights.  I quite see myself as Cathy, albeit alive.


KG: Do you read a lot? If so what are you reading right now?


JM: Yes, I read a lot! I don’t watch television, so reading is what I do.  Right now, I’m reading Henry Kissinger’s World Order.


KG: What writing projects are you working on?


JM: I have several at the moment, a couple of erotic novels, and one a type of social commentary / fiction about the darker side of social media. Hopefully, KGHH will want to publish this, too! (hint, hint lol)


KG: What do you like most about writing?


JM: I love seeing my characters come to life, what happens to them in the end! When I start writing I don’t have an idea about where the character will end up – it’s interesting watching their personalities evolve along with the story


KG: Where do you see yourself and your writing in five years’ time?


JM: Hopefully still writing for KGHH – but I would love to be successful enough to do it full time. I would hope by then my writing has evolved into other genres – I’d love to write horror, for instance.


KG: What one writing tip would you share?


JM:   Never give up. Let the blank page be your inspiration.


KG: What would you say to educate and inspire young writers?


JM: Read. Read lots and then learn from it and take what you’ve learnt to heart. Apply that to whatever you want to write, but just write!



Thank you, Jane, some wonderful, thought provoking answers that I am sure will encourage people to write and to want to read your work. Be it fiction, erotica, and even horror.



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1.I'm ambidextrous


2.I'm a lifelong member of the Herman Hermits’ Fan Club


3.I got asked to ‘leave’ the Girl Guides


4.I still can't ride a bicycle!


5.I was a Diddy-Man in a Pantomime starring Ken Dodd


6.I once told Sean Connery that I wasn't very fond of James Bond


7.When my eldest son, Neil, was a tiny baby, I left him in his pram in the local butchers. (We were eventually re-united!)