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New book The Cottage by D.C. Cummings

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By D.C. Cummings



Published 22nd August 2019

THE COTTAGE - A pretty, stone-built cottage, sitting on the banks of a river, amidst a quaint English village.


Veronica; Madison and Felicity - three beautiful women. All try to live there. None of them stay.


Henry, lonely and alone, trying desperately to find his one true love; Isabella, hurt and betrayed by her husband, and longing for the love of her life; Thomas, angry and bewildered, nursing his sorrow until able to reap his revenge.


What is the connection and the secret of Enchantment Cottage and why does no-one ever stay?


THE COTTAGE tells a story of love, abandonment, sex and betrayal in this world, and possibly, the next.


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What Inspired you to write The Cottage?


Last year I moved to a new house and I moved into the cottage which features in my book. I do actually have reason to believe it's haunted, so many strange and unexplained things happen here. I started to jot down all the things that were happening and one day I started to elaborate on them, and the book was born!



Without giving away spoilers, what it the book about?


The book focuses on three women who all buy the same cottage, and all experience echoes of the past which have a profound effect on their future - and their sex lives!


What do you  enjoy most about writing erotica?


Believe it or not, it isn't the sex. I never want any of my erotica to be centred around the sex, and I know that sounds crazy but so much erotica I have read is based on weak storylines, and so I like to focus on creating a storyline that the sex will fall into in a believable way. Mostly, the erotica involves the paranormal and history too, so it's almost as if the sex is incidental to the plot.


What comes first, the story or the characters or the situation?


Definitely the situation for me. My latest work in progress, for instance, The Hotel, was inspired by a property search engine, when I was looking for the house I'm living in now - I got distracted by an old manor house on the West Coast of Scotland and the next minute, my mind is working on a rough plot outline!


You had a lot of changes with the cover. Its very eye catching, are you happy with it?


I love the cover! They say it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, and I did - a lot! It just demonstrates how passionate I was to get the cover which I wanted - I know my publishers were great to work with me on this but I suspect they did a lot of head clutching over it!


Will you be writing more erotica?


I would like to think that my publishers would want to continue to publish this genre for me, but I am not sure whether I want to be pigeon holed into just being known for single genre work, I have several unfinished works of what I would call contemporary fiction, and I am working on something which is part auto-biographical, part sci - fi fantasy! I'm going to leave THAT one to my publishers to categorise!


What feedback have you had so far about The Cottage?


There has been a lot of interest in it, and I think the pre - orders have been good, so I think it has been received very positively for a debut novel. I will be interested in the feedback once people have read it, that's the important thing!


Do you like to tease your reader or give them what they want?


I suspect there is a bit of both involved in my erotica style. I find it very hard to be crude, I wouldn't say any of the sex scenes are hugely graphic.


It’s a very supernatural book and romantic book. Do you believe in ghosts and the supernatural?  


It's funny you should say romantic, because that isn't my interpretation on it at all! Yes, I do believe in ghosts and the supernatural. I suppose that's hardly surprising, given that I think I live in a haunted cottage, but I have always been aware of 'another dimension', I suppose, perhaps not the typified 'ghost walking through a wall' thing (although one does in the book!) but more intuition, co-incidence and feelings.


What is the most romantic thing you've ever done or would like to have done to you?  


I don't consider myself a romantic person at all. I don't believe in love, or roses around the door and that type of thing, so I probably haven't done a single romantic thing in my life. Perhaps the closest I have experienced is with my ex - partner - we were driving across Sweden into Norway and we were on this vast open road, surrounded by countryside when he suddenly stopped the car, killed all the lights and told me to get out. I was a bit apprehensive, thinking that there was something wrong with the car, when he said 'look up' and when I did, I gasped at the extraordinary sight of endless sky filled with stars. I have never seen such a crowded night sky before, it was truly amazing and awesome and it made me feel very small and insignificant, which of course, given the vastness of the universe, we are. Oh, and I have kissed someone I really, really wanted to kiss in the middle of Times Square, in New York at midnight on New Year's Eve, but that's all I'm going to say about it!


How have you found it's like to work with KGHH Publishing? And would you recommend other writers to work with them?  


As a first-time novelist, working with a publisher direct (I don't have an agent) I have learnt such a lot, particularly about working to deadlines! KGHH have been excellent to work with and have given me a lot of help and support. Other writers should not be afraid of getting in touch with them, as I have had a great experience writing for KGHH.


Where do you want to see your writing take you?  


I simply want to write. A best seller, breaking all records - I would like this for my 'The Fingers Of God' novel, which would be my most ambitious project to date - would be a dream come true. At the moment, I simply want to write. I would like to spend every day writing, to the exclusion of anything else. Every one of us has a story, I want to tell mine through the books I write.