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KG: Kill Zombies, is your first novella with KGHH Publishing, what can you tell us about the story arc without too many spoilers of course?

T.A. UNER: Well it’s a two-in-one book in the sense that it’s a standalone that also fits within the growing Leopard King Universe. But readers don’t have to read any of my other books to enjoy Kill Zombies.


KG: I’d like to get a deeper understanding of your writing, what writing inspires you and what do you enjoy most about your writing?

T.A. UNER: I like to write what comes to mind. And I think it’s important every writer writes what he/she wants to write. It’s the only way to produce your best work.



KG: What are your strengths in your writing style, what makes you stand out from other writers?

T.A. UNER: I don’t really compare myself or my writing to other writers, I just try and utilize the Universal Pen Writing System which combines five or more genres into one book. The trick is to do it seamlessly so the story flows better.


KG: Flipside, what writing weakness do you have or parts of your writing you’d like to work on and improve?

T.A. UNER: I think showing/telling is a weakness, but I’m working on it.

KG: Do you think very visually in your writing style?


T.A. UNER: Yes I try and imagine what the setting looks like and go from there. I usually need a few editing passes to enrich the scene in the manuscript.


KG: What writers have inspired you and do you closely compare yourself to?


T.A. UNER: Again I don’t really compare myself to other writers but there have been some who’ve inspired me: Leo Tolstoy, Ken Follett, Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, James Clavell, Eiji Yoshikawa.


KG: Who are your favourite characters in Kill Zombies, and why?


T.A. UNER: I’d say they’re all special in their own way but Croctus Reptilius and Sawtooth are my favourites because they’re not your regular good guys. Just two characters that decided to do something good for the benefit of the predicament they find themselves in.


KG: How do you plan your books; are you a meticulous planner?


T.A. UNER: I outline meticulously and edit/expand as the story evolves.


KG: Your writing is fast paced but yet very atmospheric, do you consciously set out to build tension and what devices do you like to use?


T.A. UNER: Yes, conflict fuels a story so it’s important to keep the reader engaged on every page.


KG: What is your writing environment like; do you have, for example, a set writing place or times that you write in?


T.A. UNER: Usually in my room at home, but if I travel I try and write in a quiet corner somewhere where there are no distractions.


KG: Horror is in my blood, do you enjoy writing horror, and do you think you’ll do more or is there other genres that you’d like to explore and if so which?


T.A. UNER: I enjoy watching horror and still am a big fan of great horror movies. The next book to be published by KG is called The Bloody Ripper and that will have some horror in it.

I’d like to write some historical romance books in the near future once I’m done with the Leopard Saga series.


KG: And what books have you coming out in the near future?


T.A. UNER: The Bloody Ripper (KG Edition) and The Leopard Apocalypse: Tome 3 of the Leopard King Saga, my flagship Historical Fantasy series.


KG: Would you say you are a very prolific writer? On average how long does it take you to write a book?


T.A. UNER: I can be prolific. I wrote four books in 2014. But then I had a lot of time on my hands. It varies. I can finish a novel in 6 weeks if under deadline, but it took me 5 years to complete The Leopard Apocalypse. Keep in mind there were a few years where I didn’t work on it between 2012-2018 and published other books.


KG: I think Kill Zombies, would transfer well to the silver screen. Are you looking to do film scripts?

T.A. UNER: If the opportunity presents itself, then yes.


I’d like to finish by thanking you for your time and your writing. People can get your new book here Link…


You’re quite welcome!




In the future, Earth is an environmentally devastated world where Florida bounty hunter Croctus Reptilius struggles to make a living working the swamps of the Florida Everglades. With his partner, a trained American Crocodile named Sawtooth, Reptilius encounters a mysterious stranger who warns of an imminent Zombie threat. The only chance they have at survival rests with two people: a teenage girl with a deadly secret; the second, a brilliant scientist still haunted by a traumatic event. With time running out, Reptilius must find these two allies, or, condemn Florida to a Zombie apocalypse.


Killing Zombies is T.A. Uner’s first horror novella with KGHH Publishing and is full of deadly adventure and bite.

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