Kensington Gore: Music features heavily in your story, how do you use it to inspire you?


D.L. O’Ferrall: I find with music that it can describe so many emotions, and so I wanted to write in as many songs we all know and love, all genres and this helps to paint the picture of the story line.


Kensington Gore: You worked with a fab editor in Leesa Wallace how was that & what do you feel you got out of working with a professional editor?


D.L. O’Ferrall: I love working with Leesa as she is totally honest with me and guides me. She makes suggestions so that other ideas would flow and this in turn produced more characters, and story lines. I very much enjoy working with Leesa and her professional editing skills are very much appreciated.


Kensington Gore: How do you structure your writing? Are you a meticulous planner or more of a seat of one’s pants type of writer?


D.L. O’Ferrall: I learnt from the University how to mind map I also use spider diagrams as well, so on paper I would write down each character and where they lived ie England or Ireland their ages and dates and character descriptions. I am quite meticulous when it comes to detail with each character and I am my own worst critic, but I do get ideas flowing and then free flow write.


Kensington Gore:  Who designed the cover for The Troubles With Hope & would you recommend them? (Blatant plug for me @GraemeParker70)


D.L. O’Ferrall: My Book cover designer is @Graemeparker70 I am delighted with how both of my book covers, e-book covers and banners look and I think he is creative, talented, and professional in his manner. I would certainly recommend his work to others, and I will be sending work his way asap and thereafter.


Kensington Gore:  Do you think your stories would transfer well to film or Tv? If so who would you like to see in the lead roles?


D.L. O’Ferrall: Yes, I definitely, do think these stories I have written would make for entertaining viewing for Tv or Film. I’d like to see fresh talent to the screens to give new actors a chance to shine.


Kensington Gore: Who are your favourite writers & books?


D.L. O’Ferrall: There are too many to mention, as I have read lots of books over the years. I love the writing style of Enid Blyton and then I have a keen interest in psychology, spiritual and self-improvement books, M. Scott Peck is one of my favourites The Road Less Travelled and his book series. I also like Dr Wayne Dyer's books. I also think for children David

Walliams is a highly amusing brilliant writer.


Kensington Gore: Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so how have you overcome it?

D.L. O’Ferrall: When I was writing volume one I did find halfway through that I needed to walk away from my book for a while as I had a problem with structuring the story line. I needed some time to travel to get a different perspective on this, with fresh ideas. I don't tend to suffer from writer’s block as such as I free flow write and listening to music helps me do this at the time I’m writing.



Kensington Gore: What writing tips would you share to inspire others?


D.L. O’Ferrall: I would say always keep a pad and pen with you, even if it is pocket size. Inspiration comes from everybody you meet on a daily basis, and once the idea goes from your mind you never get a chance to remember word for word what you originally thought and this can be a shame as reels of writing great ideas could be lost. Also write down your ideas after you wake up especially if you have been thinking about what to write about before you go to sleep. And if you wake in the night and bingo you have a dream that you could add to the story.


Kensington Gore: What writing projects are you working on?


D.L. O’Ferrall: The writing projects I am working on now and for next year are a true story based in the time of DDay, this will also be fictional in places and music will be mentioned and poetry, as well as a short story I am working on set in Brighton.


Kensington Gore: Where do you see, your writing taking you in the next five years? A little bird tells me you're branching out into publishing?


D.L. O’Ferrall: I’d like to be successful in my own right as a Writer/Author. Not world fame but to be able to help other budding writers to shine and perhaps produce a few masterpieces of their own some bestsellers, but then I always dream big. I want to be able to help other writers with ideas for story lines, music and poetry and fictional lyrics if required and help them to get their work published. But I don't want to be an editor or formatter or Publisher I will send work @LeesaWallace Publishers and @Kensington Gores way for that.  Thank you for asking me these questions. Roll on volume 2.

I’m so excited about this being published tomorrow but I’m remaining calm just like my Dad always said to.

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Interview with guest author D.L. O’Ferrall. A wonderful young writer with a story and song in her heart. She’s just published volume two of her captivating stories The Troubles With Hope. Published by Wallace Publishing, we caught up with just before launch.



Kensington Gore: Your book, The Troubles With Hope, a very clever play on words title if I ever heard one, is just out. How would you describe the story? When and where is the book set?


D.L. O’Ferrall: The story is about a music producer called Steven.

He’s caught up in the hedonistic times of the 90's and sadly went on to lose his life to a heroin overdose. Best-friends Hope and Eddie try to cope with the grief of losing him and music was their solace and it would seem the answer to all of their problems.



Kensington Gore: What or who inspired you to be a writer?


D.L. O’Ferrall: The book is set in Derry in Northern Ireland during the time of the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the late 90's.

I remember being around seven years old at school and having a keen love of writing. I would use this as an escape as I was bullied in school but I would write every day when I got home. Enid Blyton captured my imagination with the Magic Faraway Tree and I love her stories and pictured the characters and story lines in my mind and love her humour and quick wit, this was before everything was so politically correct, she was outspoken and I loved that.