Horror is our bread and butter. Well more blood and guts to be more precise. Just click on the book cover to go direct to it's link on Amazon UK & to got to USA Amazon just click on the name of the book below.  It's as simple as chopping the head off a zombie.

IMG_1431 Christopher Long KGHH Righteous Judges KGHH Unusual Things 2 Something Needs To Bleed Web Demise web cover Acting head shot The Blood Talisman Web KGHH Unusual Things K.T. McQueen KGHH Skin Side Out Web wHISPERS oN tHE hILL C.R. SZTABA KGHH Nephilim Rising Web KGHH The Book Of Dark Magic Web Sara Jayne Townsend ANN W Oregon Gothic KIM CULPEPPER
DARLA HOGAN Demise & Other Macabre Endings?
Something Needs Bleeding K.T. McQUEEN
Skin Side Out
C.R. SZTABA SARA JAYNE TOWNSEND The Whispering Death ANN WUEHLER Oregon Gothic Whispers On The Hill Nephilim Rising The Book of Dark Magic RIGHTEOUS JUDGES UNUSUAL THINGS 2 UNUSUAL THINGS Of The Night Mark Simmons IMG_1814 Of The Night Book Cover The Compressionist The Beast Of Belfield Wendell Pruce Narrow Doors The Compressionist Narrow Doors Beast Of Belfield The Count of Three The Count of Three The Wooden Walls The Wooden Walls
6 Doorways to Disturbance
Doorways Website JACK STRANGE IMG_1351 CCZA CCZA Website G.J. WOOD The Master's Marionettes Screaming Blue City Murder Website thumbnail Screaming Blue City Murder MASTER WEBSITE Zomcats Master Cover WEBPAGE
The Whispering Death New Master Website Dark Shadows THUMBNAIL DARK SHADOWS THE SOUL GAME Thumbnail The Soul Game MM NEW COVER SMALL WEBSITE Beasts Of A Blue City Website Master Beasts Of A Blue City Purged in Flame THUMBNAIL Purged In Flame MASTER Wendell Pruce