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1. Graeme Parker is NOT a pen name.


2. Can't ride a bicycle and has a broken nose to prove it.


3. Can do impressions, but is banned from doing his Frank Spencer one, as it shows how old he is.


4. Broke his knee playing American football without anyone actually touching him. Bloody astro turf!


5. Proposed to his first wife on Abbey Road, which seemed a romantic thing to do at the time as they were both big Beatles fans. But after nearly getting run over & having his "proposal" captured on film by a group of Japanese tourists, he wished he hadn't "Done It In The Middle Of The Road!"


6. Is a huge Doctor Who fan and to this day, on hearing the theme tune, hides behind the sofa!


7. Can play the William Tell Overture by banging his fists on his skull and making a hollow noise!


Graeme Parker is the main cog in the Kensington Gore wheel, but like most cogs he likes to get well and truly oiled!


His inspirations are old school horror, seeing the beauty in dark things, and finding humour everywhere. He was born and raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. From an early age he wanted to be a comedian or a writer and over the years he has found an outstanding balance of the two. He has performed as a stand up comedian, doing one liner gags, but his writing was always more character based.


Graeme started his writing career with Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales (short stories) and has continued to find success in the horror and comedy combined industry of writing.

He published his best selling comedy diary Kensington Gore: Another Year Closer To Death in November 2012. Has also published many short stories collections Kensington Gore's Hammered Horror - Gory Bitsin October 2014 & The Worst, Best of Kensington Gore April 2016.


Graeme, is a clown at heart; he has co-written joke books with his sometime writing partner Leesa Wallace and is currently working on 101 Best British Sitcoms. Graeme often publishes short story collections to help charities. Such as Femme Fataleto helping female horror writers and victims of domestic violence. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tails to help animal welfare charity.


Graeme now lives in Dundee Scotland, to be close to the love of his life, Sandra, a very understanding lady that has to put up with not only his writing, creative moods and tantrums but his exceedingly bad jokes and puns.

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Some of life's strangest and funniest questions.

G.S. Parker can't supply the answer he just asks the questions.


If you think you know the answers then get in touch or write your own book, but until then enjoy the strange and wonderful world where some questions simply do not have an answer.


Questions like... Why are the British so obsessed with talking about the weather?


Why are there Grandfather and Grandmother clocks but no parent clocks?


If love is “never having to say sorry…” Why the hell do husbands have to do it all the time?


Plus many more...

Kensington Gore's Weird & Wonderful World is a very strange place to live in.


This book looks back at some of the strange goings on in 2017 with an irreverent tongue in check, acidic wit that only comes from esteemed writer Kensington Gore.


Once you read Kensington Gore's Weird & Wonderful World, you’ll never look at the world, nor the people in it, quite the same way again.

The best, or as some might say the worst of Kensington Gore. All in one place.


A very big tomb, but no grave can hold Kensington Gore and he will get out and scare you to death.


You may very well die laughing!


This book contains - the hit comedy horror novel - "Another Year Closer To Death" as well as old and new short stories by the master of horror Kensington Gore and comedic alter ego Graeme Parker.

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