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“Please Hyperion. Let’s forge a truce and stop the killing of our countrymen.” A man dressed as a king begged before a humble man of great power. “We will let you practice witchcraft but you must stop them from tearing through town to town.”

Hyperion, a man in his mid-fifties had seen better years. His three young children played in a room nearby. They chased each other with tiny brooms made out of hay. They pretended to knight each other as they were captured. It disturbed the king to see being knighted as a bad thing. He couldn’t imagine why a father would teach his children to be so unruly.

“Emperor Julian, I find it ironic that a man of your stature be driven to such desperate measures as to ask a known necromancer for help. Aren’t we usually persecuted and beheaded in front of an audience?” Hyperion asked.

“I will offer you anything on behalf of my country. Greece must be saved from these overemotional creatures. Swords are no match for man sized wolves and blood drinking vampires. They walk in the light after they are dead. We can bury them in chains and the wolves just dig them up. We are desperate.”

“The years of persecution on behalf of my fellow witches will be over and the war over humankind will end. I will make this truce with you but, I must have a blood offering.”

“Anything. I would give my life for this great country.” Julian proudly proclaimed. He stood with his chest out, ready for death on behalf of the future of Greece.

Hyperion walked over to his children and watched them in the next room for a moment before closing a curtain, shielding them from his words. “How many children do you have?” he asked with his back still turned away from Julian.

The emperor fell to his knees and said, “Please no. You can’t ask for my son’s life. I won’t give him to you. He is only a baby. He doesn’t even know the world that surrounds him.”

Hyperion turned and stared down at him with derision. “Get up you fool. I’m not asking for death. You can’t forge peace in death. I only ask for an essence of him. Merely a drop of his precious blood will create a bond that will last as long as the object it is placed in.”

Julian raised himself up to his feet and questioned Hyperion. “An object and my only son’s blood will end a war of epidemic proportions? I can’t believe such magic exists.”

“That is the problem with you heretics. Non-believers can not fathom something so simple yet so complex. You will never understand the true meaning of life and death. You all hide behind beliefs of saving grace and people that live as humans. A monster will never be beautiful in your eyes.”

“Those that rip throats out and strip human flesh from bone are not beautiful. I see only death in their eyes as they pick off person by person.”

“That’s just it. There is a person behind those beastly eyes that has no choice but to feast on those that betray the very mankind that they were created from. They have a hunger within them that is insatiable. It’s a hunger for life.”

“I can’t listen to you explain my friends and distant family as meals for those…animals.” Julian yelled.

Hyperion chuckled and responded, “And this is why we would never be accepted as members of your community.”

Julian crossed the room to stand closer to Hyperion. The answers that Julian sought could not be found in Hyperion’s stern face and cold eyes. He had such of a good reputation amongst the other practitioners of witchcraft. Being known as the only necromancer, Julian knew that Hyperion retained powers that no other witch could battle.

“Your reputation is great but, the truth is that you are just another bad witch. They say that eyes are windows into one’s soul. Your eyes are cold and retain no emotion. Did you give it all to the vampires and wolves?”

“Actually, I was much more powerful than what I am today. With each child that I father a little of my powers are passed onto them. My son got my telekinetic powers, my first daughter got my healing powers, and my third and last got the most powerful of them all. I retain the power to immortality and I don’t intend to give that away. I can however, harness it into a talisman. I will need the blood of youth to bind it.”

“You will use my son’s blood to bind them? All of them?”

“The wolves and the vampires will no longer be immortal. They may be defeated.”

“Why do I feel like there is a catch?”

“Because there is. Do you think I would just end this war and not gain anything from it?”

Julian rolled his eyes and continued to pace the floor, imagining every horrible scenario imaginable. “Well what is it?” he said after a spell of silence.

“I and my children will become immortal. Your child’s blood will bind him and his ancestors to my three. To omit this truce and make my creatures immortal once again, your child or his child or his child’s child must become one of my creatures and between him and my children, only they can break the spell of the talisman. I’m protected, you’re protected. We all win.”

“I’m not protected. What if one of those things try to turn my son just to retain their immortality?”

“They will have to take the talisman from my dead body. There are only three people on this earth that can kill me. They play in the next room.” Hyperion said as he opened the curtain to see his children tuckered out and all asleep amongst blankets on the floor. “Sol, Rose, and Selene have a great destiny about them. They do not know the power they possess to rule this world. They have just as an equal chance as your offspring. A father could never want more than privilege for their children. Could you not agree Julian?”

Julian looked over Hyperion’s shoulder at the sleeping children and agreed to the truce for the betterment of his country. A talisman was made and worn by the only necromancer amongst practitioners of witchcraft. For years, vampires attempted to kill the immortal and claim the talisman as their own. The wolves thanked the immortal for creating a truce that would let them live until they died as being a werewolf was painful and their overemotional actions always drove those they love away.

And so it began, a war of wolves and blood suckers. They hated each other and could never find the strength within to agree on anything. The immortal went into hiding when his children grew to the age that they would remain for an eternity. Peace found Greece and the world. Fictional tales and fables were told century after century of love and woe between mythical creatures that crave the force of life to survive a hunger within them so great that they would forsake all of love to taste their energy.

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Alex Jacobs gets bitten by a werewolf, and that’s only the beginning of his problems. When his wife is kidnapped and turned into someone beyond recognition, he not only struggles with letting her go but saving her life.


Selene is a powerful witch that not only teaches Alex the ways of the wolf but, also teaches him about restraint and purpose. Her shy innocence quickly attracts him to her and he struggles with feeling torn between the two women. Their feelings for each other are complicated by their battle for the blood talisman, the key to immortality. The Blood Talisman to some means ultimate power to others a way to live forever.


In Kim Culpepper's debut novel, the first in her trilogy, it is quickly learned that immortality comes at a price to all of humanity.


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