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Ed Solesmith is a born and bred Geordie. He's lived in Newcastle all his life and a is a passionate Newcastle United fan. He's not old enough to remember when they last won a trophy but he is old enough to get panic attacks whenever he hears the words Hereford cup shock. That was 1972 but it still hurts him to this day.


Ed went to a Catholic Grammar School and was taught by priests. This turned him right off religion and now he's a confirmed Atheist. He sang in the church choir and given what we now know, about some priests being very friendly with young boys, he may have some repressed memories.


He married quite late in life and went from being a solitary only child, who liked his own company, to having an ACME instant family of a wife, three grown up kids and a cat.


Ed suffers from Anosmia and was born without a sense of smell. Handy if he lets one go in a crowded lift after six pints of real ale and a curry.


His wife Barbara tries to describe smells to him using musical analogies. For example, passing the perfume counter at Fenwicks was like hearing a brass band playing very loudly but each instrument was playing a different tune. His good lady wife also tells him her farts smell of roses. "She loves me, she wouldn't lie."


Ed is also a member of CAMRA and will travel miles for a good pint in a cosy pub. You've probably seen him in a pub near you, putting the world to rights. Now you get to read him too.

1. Ed works a lot with models... Airfix models.


2. He has no sense of smell. That is good as he can't smell his own farts.


3. He once nearly got into a fight with John Presscot.


4. He was named after of the captian of the Titanic, Edward Smith but changed it when he married his wife, the Barbara Sole.


5. Ed is a real ale fan and will travel many a mile for a good pint of beer. Even to the highest pub in Britian where he once saw in a new year, but was too drunk to remember where his tent was.


6. Ed has been studying the guiter for over 40 years now and has come to the conclusion it's a long plank of wood with strings attached that he can pluck and strum in variousa ways and still not get a decent tune out of!



7. He loves Newcastle United but believes he'd have to live to 100 to see them ever win anything again. Even then it would be some "Mickey Mouse Cup". For them to win the leaugue he's pretty sure he'd have to be dead.

What made you want to sign for Kensington Gore Publishing?

ES: I want to be famous.


How do you see this changing your writing career?

ES: I'll be rich and famous.


What inspired you to write in the first place?

ES: Reading thoughts from someone's brain transferred to paper. It can feel like being inside the author's head. I want people to see inside my head.


What made you write your latest book?

ES: A desire to do something creative before I die and leave something to be remembered by.


Who is your favourite writer?

ES: Bernard Cornwell. Love the Sharpe novels.


What's your favourite book?

ES: Mort by Terry Pratchett. Still makes me laugh out loud every time.


Do you read a lot? If so what are you reading right now?

ES: Yes, love my Kindle. I can enlarge the print, my eyes are 60 year old now. Reading Catcher in the Rye. Want to catch up with classic books I've never read.


Where do you see yourself and your writing in five years time?

ES: This is worse than a bloody job interview? I might not live that long.


What do you like most about writing?

ES: When I've finished.


What one writing tip would you share?

ES: When you're proof reading, read it out loud. Helps it to make sense.


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Or as it's about time travel it probably is already out and has been made into a smash hit film.


Knowing Ed Solesmith and his co writer Graeme Parker they will try and negioate a better book deal on that premise alone.