Christmas is a time of rest, peace and good will in Darla Hogan's house.





1. What is your favourite Christmas story & why?


This is easy. It has to be A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The story is so gripping and sucks you in from the start.


2. What's your favourite Christmas song?


Silent Night. It's so eerie and comforting at the same time. Magical memories of childhood flood through me every time I hear it sung.


3. What to you is the true meaning of Christmas?


Spending time with people you care for. A break from stress to have time to focus on others.


4. . What's your favourite Christmas memory?


Santa's sack; when I was five years old it seemed so huge!


5. Where would you spend your dream Christmas?


Being in the company of people I care for.


6. What is your favourite Christmas film?


Has to be Scrooge starring Alistair Sims. Prefer the original black and white to the CG colour version. Put it down to age.


7. What's your perfect Christmas TV?


Honest answer: OFF


8. What's the best Christmas presents you've given and received?




9. Would you like to spend Christmas in the sun? If so where?


I have done once in Singapore. It was different and fun. Ideal is a cold crisp sunny day at home.


10. What writing plans do you have for the new year?


Too many to mention. More horror, mainly novellas. Completing book 3 of Perfect Genesis and looking back at a couple of novels I have partly written over four years ago. Chromium Black Dreams is calling to be developed.


11. What are your new year resolutions?


Having given up smoking a few months ago I'm going to make a resolution not to make any more resolutions so I can't break them.


12. Which actor would you most like to see play Santa Claus?


Someone who is currently six years old, because that means I'll be incredibly old by the time they are mature enough to play the role.  

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