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D.A. Schneider is an author of multiple genres living with his wife and five kids in Indianapolis, Indiana.


After trying for some time to break into the comic book industry with his artwork, Derek decided to instead focus fully on writing. Derek’s most recent works include the dark mystery novel The Goat, YA fantasy Franklin Stewart and the Mourning Mansion, and the upcoming steampunk/horror adventure Ghost Hunter Z.


He signed for KGHH Publishing in May 2017 and we are sure he will grow from strength to strength.


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Ghost Hunter Z –  The Hunt is On.


Z is an unlikely hero: A stranger in a strange land, he came to London to escape his past and make money using his ability to see ghosts, little did he know he’d be caught up in a race to save the great city from the King of Demons, Asmodeus.


Meanwhile, Inspector Grant has been charged with finding the culprits behind the spiritual summoning in a ritual that took thirteen lives, while facing a winged beast that’s destroying the city in nightly attacks.


Time is of the essence, as The Queen’s steam-powered war machines march to meet the demons head on in a battle that may reduce the city to ashes.


Ghost Hunter Z the debut novel by D.A. Schneider for KGHH Publishing is a dark fast paced adventure that will sprit you away.

KG:  What made you want to sign for KGHH Publishing?

D.A. Schneider: I felt KGHH Publishing was a good fit for me because of their focus on working closely with writers to help develop their writing style and working with the writer throughout the creative process.  


KG: How do you see this changing your writing career?

D.A. Schneider: Along with my relentless self-promoting, having a publisher like KGHH in my corner allows me to reach a broader audience. At the same time, I know my books will receive the proper care in both editing and formatting to ensure a professional looking product.


KG: What inspired you to write in the first place?

D.A. Schneider: After trying for many years to break into the comic book industry as an artist, I found myself with a plethora of story ideas and characters floating around in my head, so I turned to writing. Though many of these stories have taken on new forms, some of the characters still pop up in the books and short stories I write today.


KG: What made you write your latest book?

D.A. Schneider: Ghost Hunter Z is inspired by the ghost hunter shows from cable TV that so often turn up nothing during each episode. I thought it would be interesting to see these hunts from the point of view of someone with the ability to see ghosts. I also thought it would be fun to throw in a dash of Ghostbusters and steampunk, then set it in an old city like Victorian London, with its rich history of ghost stories


KG: Who is your favourite writer?

D.A. Schneider: Hard to narrow this one down. Growing up, I was all about Stephen King and of course I love J.K. Rowling. I suppose I’m really into Joe Hill and Leigh Bardugo at the moment.


KG: What's your favourite book?

D.A. Schneider: The Dark Tower series as a whole blew me away, but I’d say Drawing of the Three was my favourite of that series.


KG: Do you read a lot? If so what are you reading right now?

D.A. Schneider: I read as much as I can, but with 5 kids and their activities, plus writing, I don’t read as much as I’d like. Currently, I’m reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and A Cowardice of Crows by Sarah E. Smith.


KG: Where do you see yourself and your writing in five years’ time?

D.A. Schneider: I hope to make writing my full-time job. I want to entertain a vast number of readers with all the crazy stories that are fighting to get out of my head.


KG: What do you like most about writing?

D.A. Schneider: I find writing relaxing. A quiet room with a cup of coffee and busting out 2,500 words is a pretty great way to spend two or three hours in the morning.


KG: What one writing tip would you share?

D.A. Schneider: Years ago, I received a great tip that I feel helped in developing my writing skills. Write a short story every week for a year. Fifty-two short stories in a wide array of genres, with the topics picked by friends and family. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and cultivate your abilities.




After the defeat of Asmodeus, business is booming for Ghost Hunter Z. London is rebuilding and things are returning to normal. When a young boy that shares the ghost hunter’s ability to see a ghost is kidnapped from an orphanage, Z and his team launch an investigation that reveals another threat to the city. Perhaps the world.


While Inspector Grant follows clues to discover who is behind the kidnapping, Z and his new associate Rudder Wallace are off on a mission to find the boy. A journey that takes them beyond our world and into a place where the most terrifying dreams are brought to life.

Once inside, will Z ever escape The Nightmare Tree?


Ghost Hunter Z – The Nightmare Tree is the second novel in the series by D.A. Schneider.

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