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Ghost Hunter Z –  The Hunt is On.


Z is an unlikely hero: A stranger in a strange land, he came to London to escape his past and make money using his ability to see ghosts, little did he know he’d be caught up in a race to save the great city from the King of Demons, Asmodeus.


Meanwhile, Inspector Grant has been charged with finding the culprits behind the spiritual summoning in a ritual that took thirteen lives, while facing a winged beast that’s destroying the city in nightly attacks.


Time is of the essence, as The Queen’s steam-powered war machines march to meet the demons head on in a battle that may reduce the city to ashes.


Ghost Hunter Z the debut novel by D.A. Schneider for KGHH Publishing is a dark fast paced adventure that will sprit you away.


KG: Ghost Hunter Z; an intriguing title. Who is Z and what’s his story?

D.A. Schneider: Z was born with the ability to see ghosts. This was something that made his early life difficult, but in his adult life, he's built a blossoming business around ridding customer of bothersome ghosts. In creating the character, I wrote a fantasy book years ago called Bloody Pulp under another name. The lead character was an ugly, hulking beast of a man who was great in a fight but awkward when it came to the fairer sex. With Z, I set out to create the total opposite. He's not particularly good in a fight, often relying on luck to get out of scrapes, but he's handsome and charming. His biggest weakness being the attention of an attractive woman.


KG: People love the supernatural. Do you think this book will appeal to them, other readers and in what way?

D.A. Schneider: Most definitely. Fans of the supernatural will not be disappointed. As Z mentions in the book, ghosts are not the only things that stalk in the night, nor are they the only supernatural beings that appear in this book. Beyond fans of the genre, others will enjoy the fast-paced action and investigative side with Inspector Grant.  


KG: What inspired you to write Ghost Hunter Z?

D.A. Schneider: Sitting around one Halloween watching a ghost hunter show on TV, I thought to myself; How weird would it be if something actually appeared? And not just the subtle whisper or thump that they so often hear, but blatant visual proof. The story evolved from there. I added some Ghostbusters style gadgets of Z's own design and set it in Victorian London and everything seemed to come together in my mind.  


KG: Will there be more in the series and how do you see it panning out?

D.A. Schneider: Yes, Ghost hunter Z will be a trilogy. The second book is well under way and will take Z to new realms of horror as he faces a new threat who wishes to keep a group of children with special abilities from uniting their powers and becoming a powerful weapon against the supernatural worlds.


KG: It’s a very fast paced book and would make a great film, which actor would you like to see play Z and why?

D.A. Schneider: I actually wrote the book some time ago and pictured specific actors in each role. I saw Johnny Depp playing Z, though he'd be a bit old for the part now. Robbie Coltrane would be great for Inspector Grant, and the late great Alan Rickman would have been perfect for Judge Long.


KG: You’ve done comic books in the past. Who designed the cover and would you recommend them?

D.A. Schneider: The cover was designed by the brilliant Graeme Parker using an illustration of Asmodeus from the book Dictionnaire Infernal, which was first published in 1818. Graeme definitely has an artistic gift and would be great in the comics world.


KG: Do you think Ghost Hunter Z would make a good comic book hero or do you enjoy writing novels too much now?

D.A. Schneider: I think I'm all about the novels these days. I still draw occasionally, but wouldn't seek to provide art for comics at this point. Though I wouldn't rule out writing one. Ghost Hunter Z would translate well to comics.


KG: What question do you hate being asked and why?

D.A. Schneider: Usually it's the comparison to other works out there. For example, the first series of books I wrote was a vampire series that was bloody, violent, and very disturbing, but when I told people about it I'd often get the same question; Is it like Twilight? No. Not even a little.


KG: Do you have a set routine to do your writing? When, where & how?

D.A. Schneider: I get most of my writing done Saturday and Sunday mornings. I'll start by making a cup of coffee, then I'll put on music or something on TV that I really won't pay attention to for background noise. Recline in my chair with the laptop and go at it.


KG: You’ve had a lot of horror in your personnel life of late, not sure how much you want to say but your family means a lot to you and what does their continued support mean to you?

D.A. Schneider: Without going into too much detail, yeah there was a serious car accident, but those involved are recuperating, though there's still a long road ahead of them. Everyone is very supportive of my work and if you have that in your life you're already successful.  


KG: What writing plans or projects do you have for the near future?

D.A. Schneider: I have a short fantasy story that will be included in The Clarion Call, Vol. 3: UNBOUND, a collection of short stories from a collection of great writers that will be available in print and e-book form in late November. My story is called The Naglis Uprising and follows a group of animal/human hybrids that rise up against their oppressors. I'm also nearly finished with book two in the Ghost Hunter Z trilogy and have even started the third.


Thank you for your time. Ghost Hunter Z is a cracking read and I am sure you will gain a lot of fans when they read it and the rest in the trilogy They can read Ghost Hunter Z through these links:


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