At thirty-six years of age, Christopher Long is a relatively young writer. But when you read his writing, you realise he is older than beyond his years. He has the horror and torment of a million tortured souls in his work.


Dark, supernatural stories are his life blood. His first shocking novella, The Compressionist, is a scary tale about a man that feeds on the very life force of people and has done since the dawn of time. It was published early Spring of 2014.


He writes like a man possessed. Maybe he is? He sure seems older than his years suggest. No one dare go up in his attic to see if there is a picture of his good self that might be changing.


His second novella, The Final Restoration of Wendell Pruce, a tragic tale of a recently retired thespian who finds something very strange in the grounds of his seaside retreat. Was published in the summer of 2014.


His third novella, The Narrow Doors, a tale that proves sometimes you should leave the past buried, was also published.

Then all three of these were released as part of a novel length collection, Christopher Long's Unusual Things.


These books and three further novellas - The Beast Of Belfield, The Count Of Three, and The Wooden Walls, Christopher Long's Unusual Things volume 2 and the Righteous Judges were all published in 2015 as part of Kensington Gore's Hammered Horror book series.

This series showcases new, exciting, horror writing talent. And they don't come much more talented than Christopher Long. He has a back catalogue of work that Stephen King or Kensington Gore himself would be proud of.


His debut novel Something Needs Bleeding, was a ground-breaking novel where he edited the last stories of mysterious horror writer Thomas Singer is a horror tour de force.


A further two novels are in the pipeline, or sewer pipe in Christopher Long's case. The next is early 2017 and we at KGHH Publishing can’t wait.


Christopher has been writing stories since he was first able to hold a pen. Reportedly his first book collection, Tales From The Crib, would scare any nursery school or kindergarten.


It all began for Chris when someone gave him their copy of Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach, and he hasn't looked back since. If only in fear that someone's going to hit him with the library late returns fee.


For Chris, stories are a means of escape. Not always to a place your average person or writer would go, but a dark, scary place that Chris feels most at home. The dark places that are in all our minds.


He is happily married to the lovely Samantha, or "Her Highness" as she likes to be called. They live in the midlands of England, which is a bit like Tolkien's  Middle Earth, but with just a few less Orcs! And where Sam refuses to let Chris read her his bedtime stories, as he told her one once and she didn't sleep for a month.

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"To put it simply, this book scared me. Well written, and intriguing, I was hooked from the first and soon found myself shouting at the page - as our heroine stepped blindly towards her fate. Well done Mr Long; you have converted me to the horror genre."


Sarah Smith





Something Needs To Bleed Web

Christopher Long's debut horror novel. The last book written by legendary writer Thomas Singer, edited by Christopher Long. A book inside a book you could say.


Aviliable soon....

Christopher Long


Kensington Gore is a man on a mission.  He always aims to give his readers something fresh from the world of horror.  Only this time he is offering you something a little different.  This time he is offering you a piece of horror history to call your very own.

Collected in this volume are the final works of one of the great unsung heroes of horror, Thomas Singer.  Singer was a man who truly knew how to terrify his readers with his strange, nightmarish tales.  Sadly, though, he never received the acclaim in life he so rightly deserved.  Following the mysterious death of the reclusive writer earlier this year, Kensington Gore Publishing author Christopher Long was invited to help edit Singer's final five bone chilling tales and introduce them to the world.

There are many rumours and theories about what secrets these stories may hold.  Singer himself selected them from his extensive back catalogue and held them back to be released only after his death.

So read Something Needs Bleeding, if you dare.  See what you can find hidden in the final pages Thomas Singer had to offer the world.  Just be careful you don't come away with blood all over you.

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