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Christine Ardron is 34 years old, living in Nottinghamshire, England.


She enjoys writing fantasy and scifi and very often mixes them together to create unique worlds, characters and storylines.


Christine has been writing for as long as she can remember, and though her true love is in fantasy, she delves into many facets of story-telling, including dark scifi, comedy and even the occasional horror.


Christine has also written scripts for amateur theatre companies, and has enjoyed acting and occasional directing.


When Christine doesn't have her head in one of her many worlds, she can be found listening to her beloved power metal and offering many forms of tea to anyone who happens to pop in.

KG: What or who inspired you to be a writer?


I enjoyed reading fantasy books from an early age and while I was growing up my brother would always be writing fantasy or horror stories. This encouraged me to start writing too.


KG: What gave you the idea of your latest book?


oh, my latest book? So many of my stories have been in the making for years, it's hard to know what to focus on. But if I was to speak about Jackal's Gambit, then it would be my dreams. So many of my stories have come about through my dreams. I wake up, remember it, think it's a good idea and write it down.


KG: Who is your favourite writer?


That would be David Eddings. He's known for the Belgariad mostly but has done other stuff too, mostly fantasy. His weaving of characters, different worlds and dry sense of humour has influenced how I tell my stories.


KG: What's your favourite book?


Despite what I just said about my favourite author, my favourite book, even after all this time, is still Watership Down by Richard Adams.


KG: Do you read a lot? If so what are you reading right now?


I do like reading. Lately I perhaps have not read as much as I should. I am presently reading the first book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. It's something I've been meaning to get round to for a while.


KG: What writing projects are you working on at the moment?


Oh, so many. Predgarians is very important to me, and is an on-going project. I also have in the works a fantasy trilogy about dragons and another fantasy about the last human.  There are also several others that are waiting in the wings for when I get a spare moment.


KG: Where do you see yourself and your writing in five years time?


Hopefully further down the line in Predgarians. Seriously though, I would like to have released some other books perhaps, both fantasy and sci-fi. And maybe have a garden where I can plant all the herbs I could possibly want.


KG: What do you like most about writing?


All the different worlds. When you write you're painting a different place. A place where you make all the rules. There is nothing more fulfilling, more exciting than that, and to be able to share those worlds with other people is an awesome thing.


KG: What one writing tip would you share?


Just this: if you have an idea, a story - write it. Don't keep looking over what you've written, throw it away and start again. When I was younger, it took me ages to finish a whole story because I was too much a perfectionist. Write your first draft. Once you've got to the end, then that's the time to go back to make it even better. Make sure to keep going and finish.


KG: What would you say to inspire young writers?


Write your dreams. No one has those dreams, those thoughts, but you. You write a book and you're sharing your mind and your soul with the world. Every writer has a unique perspective, a story only you can tell.



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Book 2 - Mind Games Published by KGHH Publishing is out now.


1. I live with my partner and my best friend.


2. I like to play fantasy rpg's.


3. I don't function properly in the mornings until I've had at least one cup of earl grey tea.


4. A walk through a cemetery on a rainy day makes me happy.


5. I have a small black cat called Logan. He's never really grown into his massive claws.


6. I am quite the nerd, and collect many things, from Warhammer figures to Anne Stokes gothic art.


7. I enjoy cooking for people and am often accused of fattening my friends up ready for the oven.

jackalsgambit_c_a_ardron Website WEBISTE SIZE CA Ardron Author Photo Website Dakko Grudge MASTER E-BOOK cover

Book 3 - Dakkonin's Grudge Published by KGHH Publishing is out soon.

First book Predgarians JACKAL'S GAMBIT - Published by KGHH Publishing is out now.


Courin, a planet within the Asterion empire, is at war. The evil sclithe seek dominion and will enslave the inhabitants of all the worlds they find if left unchecked.


Six months have passed since Falcon and Jay joined the Predgarians and now the Unician Order has come to Steiron. Seen as a joyous occasion by most, there is one who views it as a great opportunity - for vengeance.


The Predgarians find themselves beset on all sides. A rogue medallion warrior is on the loose, whilst Jackal is ever-present, waiting for his chance to strike at Falcon. Silver Tigermoth from South Sector is a growing threat and there is a mysterious Sarpien on the prowl, his intentions unknown.


With so many Sarpiens bearing down on them, the Predgarians may have no time to stop the chaos and possible murder brought about by a single Dakkonin's grudge.

Courin, a planet within the Asterion empire, is at war. The evil sclithe seek complete dominion and will enslave the inhabitants of all the worlds they find if left unchecked.


After their daring raid into the heart of Sarpien territory, the West Sector Predgarians attempt to fit back into their normal routines. They see almost immediately that this might be an impossible task with Jay Morgan and Karen Fireirro living under their roof.


As Jay tries to come to terms with his new life and his great power, there seems no end to Karen’s problems and the secrets she keeps and all the while, the Red Jackal prowls, seeking vengeance.


Predgarians Book 2 - Mind Games, picks up the story from the first book Jackal’s Gambit by acclaimed fantasy author C.A. Ardron.

Karen Fireirro is trying to forget her dark past. When she happens upon a young boy being chased by the Sarpiens, an evil cult, she knows she needs to do everything in her power to protect him.


Deciding to take him to the Predgarians, an Elite force opposed to the Sarpiens, she now finds her secrets and her very life are on the line, having willingly pitted herself against the Sarpiens, and even worse, their deadly general - the Red Jackal.


Predgarians: Jackal's Gambit by C.A. Ardron is the first of a fantastic fantasy series of novels from KGHH Publishing.



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