Press release

Kensington Gore Publishing are delighted to announce another great horror writer joining it's ever growing family of writers. C.R. Sztaba, who is one hell of a good and scary writer.


A collection of her short stories "The Book of Dark Magic" should be out very soon as well as her very first novel "Nephilim Rising".


C.R. Sztaba is an established best selling writer in another genre, children's books would you believe? But I feel horror is her true calling and I hope that you will agree.


Stories, so dark and twisted they even give Kensington Gore nightmares.


We all like a twist in the tale and her tales are so twisted they will have you tied up in knotts, even the Devil himself would run away in fear!


C.R. Sztaba is the new name in horror, who will thump into your skull like a hammer of horror and pierce your heart like a blood soaked dagger through butter.


Read more about C.R. Sztaba here more will be added soon.


Pleasant nightmares,


Kensington Gore