Books Written by Leesa Wallace

1. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales #2 - Bet Your Life


Are you a gambler? Do you like a little flutter? How about if I said that I could give you the name of every winning horse or sporting event from now till the end of time? Interested?


I bet you are. Question is, how much would you give for that information? Would you 'Bet Your Life'?


It is a very dark comedy thriller. It follows Steve Dunbar's spiralling fall into the pits of depression, caused by an insatiable gambling addiction.


A Twisted Tale about greed and desire, it's an edge of your seat read. You can 'Bet Your Life' on that.


2. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales #3 - Robot Love


It's the year 3000, men are obsolete and women are in full control.


Women are now waited on hand and foot, day and night by fully functional robot men. These must serve them, please them and pleasure them in every way.


But then something changes, love comes off the production line.


Will love conquer all? Will man survive?


This dark, romantic, trip into science fiction is a classic Gore twisted tale. An Orwellian style story of horror, love, desire and Robot Love.


"This is not a feminist story. This is a love story about the death of men, real men." Kensington Gore


WARNING: Contains adult themes and content.



3. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales #4 - Luna


Luna is a love story of epic proportions that brings the moon and sun into focus, releasing the animal desire and lust within us all.


Luna is a young, beautiful but mysterious woman, who is being held captive and tortured with scientific tests to reveal her powers and secrets.


She finds love in the most unlikely of places with Sol, the son of her captor. Sol is the only light of her life.


This story, with its perfect blend of fantasy and horror, is a very dark love story that shows Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales are going from strength to strength.


Warning: Contains adult sexual themes.



4. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales #5 - Slaying The Dragon


George Slayer has always wanted to see the Komodo Dragons. His controlling wife Martha, who is a bit of a dragon herself, isn't so sure. In fact, she wonders why George is so bloody keen.

Will the cruise hit the rocks for this troubled married couple, or will the dragons slay them both?


This is a dark Twisted Tale by the master of horror and suspense, Kensington Gore. It will slay you and leave you literally wanting more blood.


5. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales #6 - Seasoning Of The Witch


There is only room for one witch in this town, and a Halloween cookery competition might just be the perfect arena for these two lifelong adversaries to have their showdown.


Cauldron Cove is a small town in America. It's home to Selena and Morrigan, bitter rivals since their college days at C.O.W, or 'College of Witches'. They both enter a televised Halloween baking competition, each determined to get the better of one another.


They discover they both have a crush on the show’s suave, narcissistic presenter, Daniel glover. Trying to impress him with their culinary skills, they set about sabotaging each other’s recipes and chances of winning the baking competition. But things don’t go as they had planned. Selena discovers that Morrigan has been harbouring a secret involving an old flame. Then things in this bewitching twisted tale, from horror legend Kensington Gore and great young writer K.A. Hambly, soon turn spellbinding live on air.


6. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales #7 - Grooms


Grooms is a love story with a dark, comedic twist. Would you expect anything else from the horror film legend that is Kensington Gore?


Grooms is a funny parody of those dark, satanic, "Wicker Man" country villages that we all fear being stuck in.


Bob & Terry, a recently married couple, go on their honeymoon to the seemingly quiet, quaint seaside village of Much Humping On Sea.


Their honeymoon from hell goes from bad to worse, as it turns into what could be a deadly witch hunt!


Who, if anyone, can save them? The much lorded Lord of the Manor?


7. Kensington Gore's Twisted Tails


All writers royalties from this collection of animal related short stories goes to the British animal charity the RSPCA. With this in mind, I would like to thank all animal lovers from around the world, and not just from Britain.

There are fourteen stories from twelve different writers in this charity collection. I'd like to give a huge big thank you to them all.


In the order their stories appear in the book:


Kensington Gore - Germanischer Urhund (Close to the Wolf) & two others.

Graeme Parker - Get Stuffed & Luna

Maria Olsen - Serpent's Light

Leesa Wallace - The Dog of War & Luna

K.A. Hambly - Fred

Terry Tyler - Little Darlings

Will Chandler - The Lucky Rabbit's Foot

L.A. Ferris - My Wife Bob

Payton Autumn - The Battersley Painting

Patrick Challis - The Scared Crow

Hache Jones - The Age Of The Horse

Jerry Guarino - Coq a Doodle Do & Rooster Redux


The writers' only brief was to write a short story about or featuring an animal in some way, and that it preferably had to have a twist in the tale.

That's because "Twisted Tales" is my series of short stories written by new, up-and-coming writers. But this collection are all tales that have tails; hence the play on words.


I hope you enjoy each and every one of them. Some are dark and twisted, some are upbeat and life affirming. A bit of something for everyone. All are written with two key intentions, to entertain and to do some good to help animals.


Thanks for buying this book. In doing so, you'll be helping the animal charity and the writers.






9. Kensington Gore's Love Trilogy


Love is... Scary, horrific, thrilling and messy. Well it is when Kensington Gore, infamous Horror director and writer, is involved.


His dark, comedic collection of three very different love stories will show you many sides of love. Love of a Robot, love for a werewolf and love for someone of the same sex, to name some.


These acclaimed best selling novellas are brought together for the very first time in this romantic trilogy.


Get it for your valentine before there's a massacre.


In Kensington Gore's Love Trilogy the novella length stories are, Grooms, Robot Love and Luna.


12. Kensington Gore's Gents Joke Book


Kensington Gore’s – Gents Joke book is the first of a two part Battle of the Sexes.


Semi-retired horror film director and self-proclaimed “Dark Prince of Horror" Kensington can make you die laughing.


To read through their sparing of jokes, wits, quips and put downs is a must for every comedy and joke book fan.


13. Kensington Gore's Ladies Joke Book


Kensington Gore’s – Ladies Joke Book is the second part of the great funny Battle of the Sexes. Women all around the world will be laughing and nodding their heads in agreement at this laugh out loud joke book.


This collection of jokes, quips and put downs is a must for every comedy and joke book fan.


14. Kensington Gore's Ladies & Gents Joke Book


Kensington Gore's joke book is all about the battle of the sexes.... Ladies & Gents have carried on at each other's conveniences since the dawn of time.


Some say the 'Battle of the sexes' will never be won, as there's "way too much fraternising with the enemy!" I love a good, long, hard 'FRAT!'


This joke book is about the continuing love / hate relationship that men and women have had through the centuries. Men might be from "Mars", but some men say women talk out of Uranus!


So seconds out Ladies & Gents. Come out laughing with this no holds barred look at why we should laugh at our differences.


15. Kensington Gore's Dead Funny Joke Book


Kensington Gore’s – Dead Funny Joke Book is the first of what Kensington hopes will be many, many, many more joke books. He’ll have you screaming with laughter!


Semi-retired Horror film director and self-proclaimed “Dark Prince of Horror" Kenny Gore has put on his clowns nose this time around and is wielding his sledgehammer like wit to crack you up. He still looks scary, but this time he will tickle your funny bone and not smash your skull in!


Here are a few examples of the screamingly funny jokes within:


Never judge a book by its movie.


Things are looking Black for Goths…so nothing new there!


I stole a load of swimming inflatables this morning...I think I’d better lilo for a bit.


I’d be a professional cynic but my heart's not in it.


What’s the best way to get a drink out of a zombie? Stick your fingers down it's throat!


I’m not saying I’m old and past it, but my life coach is suggesting euthanasia.