1. What is your favourite Christmas story & why?


The one where people get drunk and get into fistfights with relatives they only see once a year.


2. What's your favourite Christmas song?


O Holy Night


3. What to you is the true meaning of Christmas?


That it was invented by men. To make lots of money for other men. Or. That's it a holdover from a far older tradition where people celebrated a year survived and a new year to get through yet. It's having survived another year with some sanity still left intact and facing yet another year to come, wondering how much blood will have to left on the floor before it's over. [ Perhaps someone can make up some sappy nice meaning for me because I'm frankly at a loss as to what Christmas is supposed to mean anymore. ]


4. What's your favourite Christmas memory?


When I was young yet and it snowed on Christmas Eve. Great big flakes and everything was white and still. We played outside. There's just something even now about snow on Christmas.


5. Where would you spend your dream Christmas?


Somewhere very snowy, up in the mountains, with a giant blizzard, lots of supplies, and a stack of Christmas movies. And to go tramping in the fresh snow with a pack of happy dogs the next day.


6. What is your favourite Christmas film?


I'd have to go with A Christmas Story, followed by the original Miracle on 34th Street and a nod to It's a Wonderful Life. And of course the Christmas List, with Mimi Rogers. Because it's rather sweet, but not overly so, a bit heavy-handed but not overly so...blah blah.


7. What's your perfect Christmas TV?


The Charlie Brown Christmas one, of course, of course. And the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas. With some Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because...ah. Oh and this little half hour cartoon I saw once, called the Little Tree or something like that. About a tiny pine tree that sacrificed itself to give a sick little girl  the Christmas she wanted.


8. What's the best Christmas presents you've given and received?


I'm honestly drawing blank here. Christmas is not my favorite holiday, obviously. Maybe the little mermaid dolls I wanted when I was a kid and actually got. They had long hair and little green tails.  And perhaps when I painted a Christmas house decoration for my grandparent's to place in their big picture window. I'm still waiting to get that pony.


9. Would you like to spend Christmas in the sun? If so where?


Roatan, Honduras, by the beach. If it has to be sunny and warm, there should be a beach nearby, otherwise it's just hot sweaty aggravation for nothing. Or on some Thai beach. Beach and surf. I've spent Christmas in ' sunny ' places, it's not that pleasant, believe me.


10. What writing plans do you have for the new year?


To write that bitter, cynical novel no one will actually read. And to watch as people struggle to pay attention as you mumble out the complicated, silly plot, of course, when people ask what you're working on. Or!! Start writing very sweet, easily digestible tomes on how great life is. Plans change, after all.


11. What are your new year resolutions?


To not have any New Year's resolutions.


12. Which actor would you most like to see play Santa Claus?


Helen Mirren.

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